Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God's Provision

Welcome to my wacky, and maybe weird blog. I will try not to put you to sleep. I hope you will enjoy. I have no idea what will be written on this site, but it is here for the Lord's glory.

The Florida Christian Writers Conference is Feb. 26-Mar. 1. They offer a special mentoring track this year for fiction and non-fiction writers. It does cost extra but I am really interested to learn more about fiction.

I only wrote non-fiction, that is until my Kindred Heart Writer friends talked me into the National Novel Write Month (nanowrimo, for short.) For this contest you have a month to write about anything, but the word count must total or exceed 50,000. Yes, I said 50,000! --and they count the words. I tried my hand, or fingers at fiction, just letting my mind wander at will and it came up with a story. Writing without constraints was fun.

A dear friend who signed up early for the special mentoring track, encouraged me to try. Ah, but you see, finances. My husband and I thought I should first see if spots were still available. There were two. I took a deep breath and signed up.

The next week my boss, where I work part time, asked if I could work all day for a couple of days this month. Hey, there's the money for the class. The wisdom of men. Ha! The power of God.

Real life better than fiction,


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