Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Times at Florida Christian Writers Conference

Well, the Florida Chrisitian Writer Conference was wonderful. I took the fiction mentoring class led by author, Ken Kulken. His method of kind-critiquing made a deep impression on me. He made all of us feel worthy of review and all received his suggestions with a "spoonful of sugar" although tough guy would probably not like it said that way. Ken even said he liked my story plot! Whoo hoo. It was an informative and good class.

Some quotes that affected me from classes or speakers:

  • "It's your committment, not your success." Cec Murphey
  • "Hook-Before you write a word determine the core of your message in one sentence, maybe two." Steven Lawson, Editor-Regal Books
  • "I seek the story in everything." T Davis Bunn
  • "Imagination-the courage to let go of the real in favor of the best." Dr. Calvin Miller

  • "Sorta-psychic-relaying information that the viewpoint character couldn't possibly have seen, heard or known, unless of course they're psychic, a time traveler, or having "out-of-body" experiences." (Point of View problems) Tim Shoemaker
  • "God has given you a combination of experiences, emotions, spiritual insight and relational sensitivity unlike any other person on the planet." Matt Anderson, DaySpring Cards
And the best one,
  • "Work that up and send it to me." Steven Lawson on my book proposal.

Meeting with my writing buddies from different states blessed my soul and heart. They are encouragers and prodders for my timid heart. I thank God for them-the Kindred Heart Writers.

I loved meeting new friends and renewing old ones. Thanks Billie.

Check out the Daisey Chain book. It's good, addicting even.

Signing out with my head still spinning so full of information.




Kathy said...

Sounds like you did great in the fiction mentoring track. Hope a contract comes your way!

Karen said...

Thanks, I know now how much work I need to do on this project. But at least Ken liked my plot-so that's a big encouragement to keep on keeping on.

I enjoyed our times together at the conference. The pics on your blog are good. I didn't take as many.