Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fingers Don't Fail Me Now

Toes curled gripping that plastic or rubber thingie and white knuckled fingers gripping the rope, she tried her best not to fall. She had to prove to family and herself (and anyone who cared to watch) that she could make it across.

She's almost there, pushing her little body and muscles to the limit.

Yay, she did it! (Of course as her Grammy, I knew she would.)
Question is, was all that effort worth it?

"Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

Often I become tired in both body and mind. Is what I do worth the effort? Yes, because the Lord knows what we can handle, and what we can't, He can.

May I remember Lord, You give grace for the moment. I can get through the moment.

Photos:Melissa Evans


Parsley said...

Cute post to remind us to press on toward our goals.

Diane said...

As someone "going through" right now I appreciate your encouragement. :O)

Deb said...

"Is what I do worth the effort?"

Have you been sneaking around my house?

I'm thinking yes.

Will try to persevere.

Sweet dreams.

Laura said...

Grace for the moment...Grace for the moment. Maybe if I say it enough I'll remember it. Only for the moment.

That's a message I'll pass along to the new little family, too!

Thanks, Karen!


Amen! The Lord knows we are but dust and as you said,

Yes, because the Lord knows what we can handle, and what we can't, He can.

BTW, Grammys Rule and Old Geezers drool. At least that's what my wife says. :-)

dawn said...

needed the press on encouragement today, Karen. Thanks!

Jean Wise said...

Yes, yes what encouragement! My arms ached looking at the photos, Karen but like life yes it is worth the effort. Thanks I needed to be reminded of that tonight.

Linda Hoye said...

Knowing that He can handle what we can't is the only way to really rest sometimes, isn't it. Loved your post, and your pics!

Janean said...

great encouragement....because sometimes you can't see any progress.


Kathy C. said...

of course it is : )

i don't know if i could still do that. did that about 40 pounds, er, I mean 15 years ago at a water park.

alicia said...

Great, great lesson today! Yes, grace is enough, worth the journey...

Karen said...

Thanks Parsley, and you used that "goal" word, that I have a hard time with. :)

Diane, grace for the moment, just as they come.

Deb, you're so cute! No, I've not been sneaking, just sharing what's at my house. :)

Laura, yes a new baby is moment to moment. I hope all are fine and see more pictures, soon!

Ron, thanks, and you are so funny. One day I want to meet your wife!

Dawn, your welcome.

Jeanie, yes, life is worth the effort.

Linda, He's the true rest, right? Thanks, love to use my grandkids.:)

Janean, that's why this verse is important to me. Blessings**

Kathy, and me both, but then I'm not sure I could do it 15 years ago either. :P

Hilary said...

You always illustrate these life's lessons so well, Karen. And your grandmotherly pride is so apparent. :)

Karen said...

Alicia, your comment must sneaked in while I was commenting. :) You're right, worth the journey.

Hilary, thanks so much!

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

As I watch her struggle across without falling I'm reminded how He holds me up as I struggle toward my goals.

Natasha said...

I am so glad that I read this post today. I was nearly at the end of my patience and of that proverbial rope this week. I have now finished my teaching contract and am back to being a full time mummy but boy it was a hard journey balancing everything for the last 10 weeks!

Blessings and best wishes,

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually thought about what I can handle and can't handle today, mostly in the physical sense. We're so quick to take painkillers for things and we rarely stop to think that pain reminds us of our physical limitations. I'm glad God has no limitations, or I'd be in trouble! :)

Karen said...

Donna, I am sure glad He has strong hands!

Natasha, glad you are doing well, and will have more mommy time. That must've been difficult. Blessings**

Rachel, remember, I'll be in prayer. Yes, God is able! Your blog touched me. (hugs)

Dave said...

A nice simple little lesson Karen - Dave

Karen said...

Thanks Dave, I hope you are feeling better!

Clella said...

Hey I missed this one until tonight. I spoke about perseverance today. And when I started seaRching was really surprised at the number of times we are encouraged to keep on keeping on.
Thanks for a good reminder Karen. Clella

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