Friday, May 27, 2011


Check this out. My grandson has got rhythm in his bones. He'll be 3-years-old in October. He was not taught this. His mom heard him from the other room and came in to record it. Ha, I'm not sure I could do that with 2 drumsticks! :P Our little music man.

And this is my petite, 10-year-old going on 15, grand daughter. She plays soft ball with the older girls, 'cause she's so good, of course.  Hey, I told you this was brag-a-mania!!
She cheers on her teammates and plays second base. During her last game she made a double play! Whoo Hoo. (Oh, that means she got 2 people out during one play-for all ya'll non-sports readers...teehee.)

They both can sing great, too.

OKAY, OKAY, I promise, if you'll brag about your kids, grandkids dogs, whatever~I'll gladly rejoice with you.

"I want to see your chosen succeed, celebrate with your celebrating nation, join the Hallelujahs of your pride and joy." Psalms 106:5

I love celebrating with you and your life-loves. Tell me!



RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

You most certainly have bragging rights. Your grandson is GOOD!! :-)

Kathy C. said...

It told me the video is currently unavailable : ( I've had issues with blogging lately.

Looks like a real ball player there!

Dave said...

Of course you can brag about your grandchildren Karen! Why not? :-) Dave.
P.S. Sorry but couldn't get the video to work.