Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swimmingly Awesome!

Year 2005. One of my favorite animal memories. Hubby and I were in the Bahamas and were able to swim, and I mean swim with the dolphins at the Blue Lagoon! I grinned like the Cheshire cat the whole time.

We danced with them, kissed them, and no they don't taste fishy-just watery. :) Rubbed their bellies and back.
See all our smiles? It was splashes of fun, which of course the dolphin did.

The most amazing part, which you HAVE to take my word for, was when we floated on our stomachs with legs locked straight and feet flexed. Then two dolphins swam up behind us and pushed us up out of the water with their noses on our feet, just like Sea World stuff! No sadly, I don't have a picture as they only took videos. (But hey, come over and I'll show you.)  

Just the most unbelievable experience. I can't explain it in words. You just have to try it yourself.

Trust me.
Then we ended with this finale.

Wonderful, wonderful.

"Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see-how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him." Psalms 34:8

This I know is true. Trust me, or rather Him. Wonderful, wonderful.

Photos:by Dolphin Encounters


Diane said...

It looks like so much fun. When we went to Nassau we got to snorkel with the fish and that was also so breathtaking. God is a genius!!! :O)

Parsley said...

Oh I love that!

Kathy C. said...

come along on the karen kingsbury cruise in march. we can do it together. i haven't yet decided on exursions.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, I want to do this! If not here, then in Heaven!! Thanks for sharing; that is awesome!

Kelley said...

That is truly awesome! I love that you were able to enjoy that. We just fed fish to them once. To be able to swim with them? That's a dream!

Dave said...

These are wonderful photos Karen. You sure had fun with the dolphins - Dave

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow! Lucky you!

clellascorner.blogspot.com said...

Karen I love these pictures. They show what you wrote.
And wasn't that what you intended? Love this verse too. And I am running to him today. Clella

Johnnie said...

What an incredible experience. Do you see me turning a shade of envious green? WOW!!!

Karen said...

Diane, yes, ocean life is amazing. I do love the way God created such wonderful creatures.

Parsley, you would LOVE it!

Kathy, I would love to go. Oh, if they have a dolphin swim, you've got to do that, if you like them. :)

Jeanette, yes, we all can. We'll ask our Father. :)

Kelly, yes it WAS a dream come true. I recommend it to all.

Dave, yes I did, no frowns in those pictures.

Lady Fi, yes, a treasure for sure!

Clella, thanks it was fun!

Johnnie, oh, you MUST try it. Just unbelievable!

Libbie said...

Hi Karen! That is amazing!!!!!! I really want to do that one day too! I don't know when but SOMEDAY! ALong with Paris someday :) I love your pictures, your big smile! Pure JoY! God is good! & to think he dreamed those babies up! Amazing! Thanks for sharing that was really fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. If you scroll down to the footer at the end of my blog, then I've added some new RSS links to my posts. Hope that works for you.

Julie Gillies said...

Oh, what fantastic pictures, Karen! What FUN and what an inspiring post. Hugs to you, sweet friend!