Monday, May 4, 2009

Caden had to like music . His Mom sang a solo in church the day before he was delivered.
(check out his video at the bottom of the page.)
God made music. Even before the birth of man, birds sang, water rippled, wind whistled, leaves rustled, and God said that it was good.

Amazing how music can move lift and inspire. What is it that God built in our souls that responds to musical sounds? What a wonderful blessing He gave to us.

Caden is only six months, but he loves music. His big sister, Katriel, sings beautifully too.

Of course this posting is just an excuse to show off my grandkids.

(Click on Picture to enlarge)


Johnnie said...

That is so adorable! Caden is sitting up so well -- Jedidiah just started sitting up on his own the past few days*

Hey, any excuse to show off grandbabies is allowed!

Clella said...

Oh Karen, I just love this. You can show off granbabies any time.

Karen said...

Thanks dear friends, you know I will.