Monday, July 20, 2009

Midnight in Madrid-Book Review

Midnight In Madrid is the second book in a Russian trilogy written by Noel Hynd. Alexandria LaDuca, an agent from the U.S. Treasury, assists in solving a theft of a religious artifact from a museum in Madrid.

She follows an elaborate trail of espionage and terrorist activity and travels across Europe wherever the leads take her. Alexandria wonders who to trust, even among the agencies that work with her. Confronted with betrayal, lies, and hidden agendas Alexandria questions her ability to do her job. Conflicts give in to soul-searching, and she finds a surprise relationship in the process.

The beginning confused me with his many different character introductions. I think if I had read the first book this one would have slipped right into place. I loved the action after that. Noel Hynd researched well and used many current events across the world. I can see this book being made for movie. I received this book as an advanced reader copy from the publisher. Check out the book on Amazon with this link.

Meet the author of Midnight in Madrid, Noel Hynd.
Noel HyndNoel Hynd was born in New York City and grew up in New York and Connecticut. He began writing professionally before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in International Relations.
He lives in Culver City, California with his wife and their three cats.
Some of his other novels include The Enemy Within, and Ghosts.
Noel goes to Honduras for a yearly medical mission to Honduras with friends and members of All Saints’ Parish, Beverly Hills.
Learn more about Noel at

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Jeanette Levellie said...

Of course, anyone with 3 books is bound to write a stunning book!
Thanks for the review, Karen. Great job.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oops! I meant anyone with three cats, not books! duh!

Karen said...

Oh, that's funny Jeanette! I have to tell you I own a dog, does that mean my books won't be stunning?? :)

Thanks for your kindness.

Amy De Trempe said...

Thanks for posting the review. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am reading the book, the ebook version. It is a fabulous book. Extremely well written, and all rhe things about the places in Spain are correct (I know this because I leave in Spain). I would recommend this book to everyone who likes to read.