Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Surprise Award

The other day a blogger friend, Jeannette Levellie, gave me an award-Superior Scribbler. I'm not sure what constitutes a superior scribbler, but her words about it warmed my heart. She said there were rules but I don't know them, except to pass the award on to others.

What an excellent way to encourage and uplift.

I have several in mind.

The first is a group, the Kindred Hearts, without them I would not be writing. There are many things other than what is below but too numerous to share. They each deserve this award in their own way.

Clella Camp with her "can do" encouragement both in writing and life, and how she answers my unending technical questions about the computer. Plus, she is the Kindred Hearts fashion guru.

Jeanie Wise who willingly shares whatever she learns. Her writing combines her medical profession with spiritual lessons and she forwards writing resources and shares her notes from any writers conference.

Laura Groves, a mother of four boys, shares insight, patience and understanding in my efforts. As my roommate at the writer's conference she boosts my confidence to go forward into unknown territory.

Johnnie Donley supported me, urged me, to write my first attempt at fiction writing. Of course she said it was good, whether it was or not :) Her own novel, almost completed, is wonderful and inspires me to keep on.

Check out their individual blog sites on the kindred heart writers blog.

Melinda Means for her energetic, honest and open parenting situations on her blog. I love her light hearted style. The blog is wonderful and brings back so many memories for me.

Thank you again Jen.

God Bless


Clella said...

Well thanks so much and right back to you my dear. You are the gold star encourager and funny lady. Love you Clella

Jean Wise said...

wow I feel we have been awarded also with your kind words. Thanks Karen@

Melinda said...

What a wonderful surprise, Karen! Sorry it took me so long to say 'thank you.' It has been a crazy couple of days. Kids are at camp now, though, so I'm getting a little breather! Thanks so much for your encouragement with my blog. I appreciate you! We'll meet at a Rays game yet!;0)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Congratulations on the award and to the new winners!

Thanks for coming by GumboWriter via Jeannette's. She's a sweetheart.

Happy writing!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Karen: The rules are not as important as the people to encourage along the way.
In this case, at least. The rules in God's Book are always to be taken to heart!
Love you and love your blog,

Karen said...

I'm so glad to give back a bit of encouragement that others have given me.

Clella, Jeanie, I love our friendship and support. Thanks for pushing and pulling me along.

Melinda, I am so proud how fast and much you've accomplished in your writing. I would love to meet you at a Rays game, but maybe I will see you on TV!

Angie, thanks for stopping by. I adore your blog, makes me feel at home. Say, did you ever live in Pineville or Alexandria, LA?

Jeanette, what can I say, you started me on this award journey. Your kindness shines through in all your writings.

Blessings to all

Melinda said...

I'm posting your award along with another award I received this week on Saturday ... hope to give you and this other blogger some well-deserved kudos and exposure.

I will be looking out for the "wonder" around me this week... what a great idea for a post! ;0)