Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coming Attractions by Robin Gunn

Coming Attractions is the third book in the Katie Weldon Series. This book is set during Katie's Senior year of College. Conflicts abound with her current boyfriend, new and old relationships, estranged family and of course the senior exams.

This young adult book will appeal to teenagers too, with important spiritual messages, though not preachy. Robin writes wonderful characters that draw you into the story immediately. I did not read the first two in the series and yet Robin gradually brought me up in time with an easy manner.

Read to find out what Katie refers to as a "victim of grace" and "wavy" or "straight lines" in life. Coming Attractions makes me curious to read what's next in her life.

Robin Jones Gunn is the much-loved author of Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim, and the Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, College Years, Glenbrooke, and Sisterchicks® series, with over 4 million books sold worldwide. Robin loves to travel and often speaks locally and internationally. She and her husband live near Portland, Oregon, where the view outside her window is green all year round.To find out more about Robin Gunn check out her site.

I received this book as part of a book blog tour.
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Jeanette Levellie said...

Karen: i'm always so happy to see books for teens. They need all the help they can receive these days.

Great review! Thanks for sharing,
Audience of ONE

Melinda said...

Hi Karen!
I wonder if Molly would like the first book?? She's almost 13. Do you think she's too young for it? I'm always looking for good Christian fiction for her.

Your blog is coming along so nicely. Hope your writing is going well! ;0)

Karen said...

Jeanette, thanks was a fun read and reminded me of my college days.

Melinda, Molly might be a little young, it is about college. But check out her blog. She has other series and I believe this series starts out with Katie in High School. I think they're good. Thanks for the kudos. Your blog just blows me away!

Robin Jones Gunn said...

Hi there!
Thought I'd pop in and say that Molly is just the right age for the Christy Miller Series. Christy is best friends with Katie Weldon but all the Christy books are set during their high school years. Come to my website and have a look at all the books I've written for teens.
Thanks for the terrific post, Karen! Lovely blog!

Karen said...

Robin, thanks for stopping by and sharing which books would be good for Molly. I wish I these books were written when I was a teenager!! :) But I do have a 9-year-old granddaughter who loves to read. You will be on my list of books to buy!! Thanks for your sweet words too.

God Bless your writing and ministry.