Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spirit Walker

My son and grandson walk down the hall. Caden can't walk by himself. (Well, he could for a few steps if he let go.) But his dad, David, is there, and that's all that matters. Caden may not know where they are going , but readily walks. David may be taking him to change his diaper, get a bath, change into pajamas, or just to stroll about. Caden's just happy to be with Dad.

David, walking "along side," will not let Caden go. Even if Caden wants to go to a spot different than his Dad, he will not go far. Safe and protected, Caden doesn't fear what's ahead.

"And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever." John 14:16

Jesus spoke these words to His disciples before His crucifixion. Helper, meaning Paraclete, is translated several ways. In it's passive form it means "called to one's side." Someone who helps and aids, and comforts.

Jesus knew that we, that I, would need someone to hold my hand, my life, my soul. At times I go my own way, and become fearful. My soul cries, and I look around and wonder where I am. Then the soft words of the Spirit Walker call to me, and I see I'm the one who let go. When I extend my hand, He grabs it and off we go, safe and protected.

May I remember to stay close to the Spirit who walks beside me, and not fear the future.

Photo by M Evans - of course I had to show off my family.


Kathy C. said...

Awww. They are sweet together.

Amy De Trempe said...

Great post and reminder. I never do well on my own.

Bina said...

That is a great picture...and a beautiful reminder! Thanks for sharing that...and for prompting my own heart to look up for His guidance today!! :)

Jean Wise said...

Karen, you have such great insight into the beauty of the everyday moment and then you open the =veil for us to see God. Thank you!

Johnnie said...

Fun photo (and of course you have to show off your family) and another thought-provoking spiritual lesson from one of my favorite "teachers."

Diane said...

Cute picture. The H.S. is awesome, thank God for Him! :O)

Julie Gillies said...

Awwwww! I love this picture of David and Caden. Adorable!

Like you, Karen, I am so grateful that the Lord holds my hand, protects me and guides me as I walk along.


Karen said...

Kathy, oh, I think they are so cute too. :)

Amy, I'm always needing help! I like hand holding.

Bina, may your view be beautiful, looking up.

Jeanie, those are "high" words for me, dear friend. But I do like, "Everyday Moment." Maybe we can do something with that?

Johnnie, no, you're my teacher and encourager.

Diane, I'm so glad Jesus just didn't leave us alone. I need that Helper by my side.

Julie, I love that unposed pic. I need that too, and God knows I require alot of help and quidance right now. "Keep holdin' on."

Parsley said...

Lovely post.

Bina said... won "Things to do with Mom"! Send me an email ( with your address and I will get it mailed out first thing Monday morning :)
Congrats...and have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Parsley, thanks! Have a good weekend.

Bina, whoo hoo, I love getting books and winning one is even "special-er!" Thanks!

Melinda said...

Love the picture. Too cute. Beautiful post. I'm going through kind of a rough season and I really needed the reminder. He is walking beside me even when I can't always feel His hand.

Thanks for your always encouraging comments on my blog. You are a sweet sister in Christ!

Stephanie said...

Hi Karen-
Awwww what a sacred snapshot.
Thank you for the reminder to stay close to the Spirit. We all could use those reminders some days.
Bless your big and small guys!

Karen said...

Melinda, will keep you in prayers. Isn't it comforting to know He's there, even when we are unaware. Can't wait until the FL writer's conference. You are coming, right?

Stephanie, thanks for your sweet words and blessings. I like that, "sacred snapshot." :)

Hilary said...

What a sweet photo of father and son. :)

Karen said...

Thanks, Hilary. I think so too, :0