Saturday, October 3, 2009

What the Heck is That Smell?

This native Floridian bush nestled between my two oak trees has grown to over six feet tall. We planted this bush about five years ago. Don't ask me the name, I can't remember. Anyway, it blooms several times a year, starting with small yellow buds then a flourish of tiny pastel blue flowers cascade down on each branch. It's strong roots are resistant to our hot, humid climate and weathered our storms.

I love the old southern look among the trees and wild ferns. But this summer something strange happened. I'd walk by with my dog, as he sniffed and dodged bees when a whiff of something yucky hit my nose! I looked all around and couldn't find the owner of the odor. I thought maybe a squirrel died, or something. It became worse in the following days. I decided my beautiful bush needed pruning, to see what was under there. There's the hole where I started.

As I trimmed the wonderful bottom bushes, the light poured in to expose the awful smell. There nestled, hidden under the pretty flowers was the most ugly mushroom, I have ever seen. This one, I kid you not, was at least a foot wide and it was rotting.

The picture below, is not that one because I was too grossed out with the flies, smell and look to think about taking a picture. But this is the same type mushroom in the same place and I got it before it grew ugly. The pruned branches allowed me to see this quickly and remove it. Especially before my dog tried to eat it. (As he has done before and became very sick.)

"But all things become visible when they are exposed to the light." Ephesians 5:13

How many times do I walk around with all my beautiful branches waving in the wind, my faith, my works, my smile, my "holy assurance" only to have God whiff something rotten underneath?

I hated to cut those beautiful flowers, but it was the only way. God knows this odor owner and prunes away what is necessary. He's my soul's odor eater. His Spirit reveals my hidden sins, then takes them away. Does it hurt? Oh yes. But it's the only way. And I want Him to "odor eat" all my bad stuff, before it affects others.

May deep breaths reveal no stink.
Click on pictures to enlarge-photos by kevans


Melinda said...

Hi Karen!
Great post! Dealing with the difficulties in parenting lately has exposed some things about my personality that aren't so beautiful. I hate being exposed! But without exposure, that rotten part of ourselves will never be removed. And God wants to finish the work He started in us.

Thanks so much for your encouraging words on my blog. I always kind of feel like I've received a cyberhug! ;0)

God Bless You!

Kathy C. said...

Glad you were able to find the cause of the smell!

Funny, my word verification is:
judgest. Kind of fitting, huh!

Clella said...

Good analogy Karen. Exposure is tough though isn't it? Love you

Karen said...

Melinda, thanks for the kind words. I love your blog and how you see teachable moments in everything. Hey, and cyberhug back to ya!

Kathy, sometimes those verification words are scary! :)

Clella, thanks, I know you are there for me. Luv ya.

Amy De Trempe said...

I didn't know a mushroom could rot like that - ewwww. Just another example of beauty is only skin deep, you never know what is hiding beneath it. Great post.

Bina said...

This was SO well timed for me and my heart today. I just recently have had to make some choices that have been like locating the smell...and once finding the source, removing matter how painful it might be. Thank you for putting it up!

Hugs to you today,

Jeanette Levellie said...


Thanks for your insightful post. I had an attitude exposed last week that was stinky, but I'm grateful the Lord loves me enough to help me grow up.

Thanks for not making us look at the ukky photo! LOL!

Love, Jen

Julie Gillies said...

Good post, Karen!

I have never in my life heard of such an odd thing--an awful-smelling mushroom? Isn't it true that God has to trim away the "overgrowth" in our lives to expose the hidden things. But He does it all for our good...and to keep us sweet-smelling!

Karen said...

Amy, I didn't know that either. The other little mushrooms in our yard don't rot. Just these hidden ones!!

Bina, I think pruning is an ongoing process for me. Good for you to hunt and find, even though painful. Blessings*

Jeanette, No way did I want to get close to that yucky one!! I made my hubbie pull it out. :0 Say, does that count?

Julie, I do so want to be sweet-smelling to the Lord. Yes, He does what's best, even when we don't agree.

Sista In Arms Lxx said...

It's amazing what we can hide beneath our well preened exteriors. So much time wasted on maintaining the appearance whilst beneath there is something hidden away rotting. Mushrooms stink really bad when they are rotting.Great post, would love to have seen a picture of the mutant mushy. Lxx

Hilary said...

Great parallel between life's little uglies. Nicely done. :)

Karen said...

Leeanne, no way did I want to remember that yucky mess! In fact I hollered for my hubbie to come did it up for me. If I find another one, maybe I'll hold my nose long enough to take a photo, just for you! :)

Hilary, I think God gives us clues all around, but we're too busy to see. Thanks.

Beth said...

Hi Karen - Thanks for coming by my blog and for following :)

Great post! No point in being pretty if we stink, right?! :) We've had an abundance of mushrooms growing in our yard here in GA...crazy!

My aunt's name, coincidentally, is Karen Evans...and she lives in Florida, too! (And I had lived there my whole life before we moved to GA 3 years ago...small world.)

Karen said...

Beth, then you know what I'm talking about with all these mushrooms! Yuk!

Wow, where in FL does your aunt live? Small, small world. :)And my aunt lives in GA!!! (But not same name.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Sande said...

Ah yes. How often have I tried to hide the stinky stuff thinking no one else knows .... and they're just been polite.

Amazing those friends He gives you that are close enough, or brave enough to tell you you have spinach in your teeth.. metaphorically speaking.

Karen said...

Sande, thanks for stopping by. Yes, those kinds of friends are wonderful and good. You are so right! Hey, but I've had them tell me I have spinach in my teeth!!!