Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gotta Be A Guy Thing

Fries. Hot and "fresh" from sitting in the warming tray. Steaming, greasy goodness.

We stopped to order fries and burgers on the way home from church, as we needed to grab something fast that day.

"Give me just one," my hubbie says. I gently, ha,...explain after all the hand shaking and stuff at church, he should wait and wash his hands first. (Lots of sickness still going around.)

"No, my fingers won't touch what I eat," he said.

What? What in the world does that mean?

"Come on, just one, please?"

I shake my head, but give in. He grabs one off the top, while I watch to see how he's gonna manage that trick.

He bites the fry all the way down to his fingers. I look at him and he smiles, rolls down his window and throws the rest out.

"See, no contamination, and the sea gulls will get something to eat."

Me, I just laugh. I will wait. (I usually need to warm them up by the time we get home anyway.)

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

Before I point fingers, is my heart clean today, as God would like? Are there germs hidden in the corners, ready to sprout? Only He cleans hearts. Has dirt smudged my spirit, so I pick what I like of His word and throw the rest out the window? O renew my spirit, steady and strong.

Let me eat the whole fry.


Hilary said...

So that's what they mean by small fry. ;)

Diane said...

I have never seen or heard of this particular fry trick. I guess I just love them too much to waste any of them. :O)

Parsley said...

Great post.

My husband and I have a routine of him ordering some food after church and me handing him germ killer before he grabs that first fry.

Karen said...

Hilary, LOL...

Diane, me too. That's why I wait to wash my hands.

Parlsy, thanks, hey, that's a good idea!

Libbie said...

too funny! I like him :)

Our church has so much hand sanitizer sitting around that it really is crazy. There is even a bottle right before AND one right after the greeters :)

I would have waited too :)

Laura said...

Well, I guess you can tell I've lived with five guys. I wouldn't even have thought of the hand sanitizer.

Boy Mom says, "Bring on the fries!"

Karen said...

Libbie, yes, he is funny, but I still waited. :)

Laura, oh, you adventurous one, you!

Janean said...

yeah, that's a guy!! too funny.

great scripture too. it goes along with what my honey and i were talking about last night. yay!

Auntie Cake said...

So like my husband and I. I am a germ freak in regards to eating having watched Matt Lauer on the Today Show and his germ expert. I will have to tell my hubby your hubby's solution. And I don't think I could ever get my heart as germ free as God would like. Won't stop trying though!

Kathryn Magendie said...


Except - what a waste of french fry ...laugh----French Fries are one of my Treat foods - I rarely get them and when I do, they better be good or I am SO disappointed -- and I'd want to eat every bite...

however, next time I just can't wait, I'll try the bite and toss *laugh*

Karen said...

Janean, how cool that you were just discussing that scripture!

Kate, oh, I'm not going to tell my hubbie that his technique is being passed on--he'll get the big head. :)

Kathryn, love it...bite and toss. Say does that count as a way to lose calories?