Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pure Pleasure

I thought this book would be all fluff, but boy was I wrong. Gary Thomas finds the cracks in our "holier than thou" attitude and peels it back so we can experience the joy and pleasure that God gives.

This book acknowledges all that God has done through His Son Jesus. Thomas writes about the pleasures in the physical life that God bestows for us to enjoy. Pleasure can be a cup of coffee to the birth of a child. He knocks down the guilt many Christians feel when they spend time or money on themselves. He also discussed dangerous pleasures. Threaded throughout the book are Bible verses and quotes from Christian theologians.

Before you leave off reading here, let me give you some quotes.

"Embracing pleasure must always begin with a heart being renewed by God's Spirit."

"What pleasure do we think God--our loving Father--derives from us hating and/or abusing ourselves? How do we honor him when we deny ourselves everything he created to bring us pleasure?"

"Becoming alive to Christ allows us to receive and even revel in pleasure in such a way that ordinary things become instruments of worship." Thomas then quotes Psalm 23.

"If you always sacrifice your pleasure and never take time to get refreshed, others around you will suffer as well."

This was a book I needed to read. I think anyone will enjoy this book and gain new surprising insight to God's wonderful pleasures.

Gary Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, is an avid runner and has completed seven marathons including the Boston Marathon. He is a writer and adjunct faculty member at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of several books including Sacred Marriage, Holy Available, Sacred Pathways, Sacred Parenting and the Gold Medallion Award-winning Authentic Faith.
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I was provided a review copy of this book from Blog Tour Spot. To read other reviews check here. Pure Pleasure is listed with Amazon books.


Janean said...

that's a new topic...Believers and pleasure? seems almost...i don't know...but he's right.

thanks for the review!

Parsley said...

Thanks for the review.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Karen,

Interesting book review. I appreciated the quotes so I could get an idea of what the book encompassed.

Oh, and it looks like you've had a little makeover. NICE new blog design, girlfriend!

Sara said...

Thanks for the review, Karen. This sounds like a book that would speak into my life immensely...I definitely want to read it.

Karen said...

Janean, I know, that was what I was thinking, too. Surprise! that's why I needed it.

Parsley, thanks, have a good day.

Julie, I did change it a bit. Trying to learn this cyber-space stuff! :P

Sara, it is a good book. I will refer to it again and again.

Auntie Cake said...

Reading is so one of my guilty pleasures. I really do spend way more time than I should reading... I just get hooked into a book, and can't put it down, laundry is just not that interesting to me. I will be on the lookout for the book. With that, I am off to read now that the kids are in bed and most of the laundry is done! Someday I will get all the laundry done, only to find the next day I have more to do... Have a great Thursday!

Natasha said...

Thanks for introducing this writer to me. I just had a quick look at his site and he certainly receives many accolades. Looks like an great read.

Best wishes to you Karen and enjoy the rest your day.


Dave said...

Sounds like Gary Thomas is an intelligent writer. I agree with those quotes you put into your blog Karen. - Dave

Jeanette Levellie said...

I agree with Gary. God would not create people in HIS image and expect them to drudge through life and not enjoy it.

Sounds like a great book!

Karen said...

Kate, I totally agree, laundry is sooo boring...yawn..books are great!

Natasha, I haven't read his others, but want to now. Blessings.

Dave, yes he is a good writer, and he speaks all over the country too.

Jeanette, you are so right. Although, I must confess, I'm learning to do that.