Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

The salon finished Mom's haircut about 10:30 this morning. There was one more errand I needed to do before I took her home. AND we just happened to pass Strachans's Ice Cream Parlor. Now mind you, breakfast was barely a couple of hours ago.

Mom's memory is not good, but her love of food is not.
Yep, that's her on the left, Dad on the right. (This was taken on Father's day.) Anyway, she said, "Oh, let's stop here, I'll buy us some ice cream."

 I sighed and said, "Mom, it's not even eleven. They don't open until 12:00."

She responded with, "Oh, shoot. But aren't you hungry for ice cream?"

"No, Mom. Ice cream is like dessert, not for right after breakfast."

Then she looked at me and seriously chided, "You know, ice cream is good anytime. Even for breakfast."

"And they gave him a piece of fig cake and two clusters of raisins, and he ate, then his spirit revived." 1 Samuel 30:12

Maybe, Lord, I do need to enjoy ice cream at anytime, it might just revive my spirit and bring joy. I'm kind'a sorry now, that Strachan's was not open.



Carol J. Garvin said...

I'm with your mom... ice cream is good anytime! LOL! Admittedly, I don't choose to eat it for breakfast, but DH and I often have a dish in the evenings before bed.

The concept of ice cream anytime is a little like not saving good dishes for only when company comes... we deny ourselves the everyday joy of special things and there's no valid reason why. :)

Parsley said...

I think there's some wisdom in what your mom is saying. Sieze the moment.

Hilary said...

Moms always do know best. I'm with her. Next time, you can have ice cream instead of lunch. ;)

Anonymous said...

You can always have ice cream first and then lunch afterwards.

Love the shot - your parents looks so full of joy.

Dave said...

A nice photo of your Mom and Dad Karen. Yes, of course you can eat ice Cream any time! - Dave

Natasha said...

I do believe that your mum was totally right about ice cream! It is winter over here but I am still enjoying ice cream and I could eat it any time too!

Thanks for popping over and voting for my flower at BHG. That really meant so much to me, Karen.

Best wishes always,

Nick said...

I have a different bible version, its says: "And they gave him a piece of red velvet cake and two peanut buster clusters from Dairy Queen, and he ate, then his spirit revived."

Karen said...

Carol, oh my goodness, you are right!

Parsley, she always was good with food. :)

Hilary, okay.... :)

Lady Fi, Ha, I like that. That was a good day for them.

Dave, all right, it's settled, next time ice cream for all!

Natasha, there are so many of us that like ice cream! Your photo was very good and I wanted to vote for you!

Nick, bwuaaahaaa. I love it. Dairy Queen, yummo!

Janna Qualman said...

Absolutely. I say we indulge!

Karen, I love love the photo of your parents. :)