Monday, May 7, 2012

Tampa Theatre

The Tampa Theatre, was built in 1926, and still is host to performers, movies and other things. Once a month they give tours, so naturally I brought my camera. Come tour with me for a bit with a few of my pictures.

Here's the box office for tickets. Now you know something elaborate is coming.

This is the outside light right before you enter the doors to the lobby with all it's wonderful artistic carvings above. Now please bear with my shots. The entire theatre was dimly lit, and my pictures are not the best, but you'll get the picture. ha, "get the picture..."

Okay, seriously, has anyone ever drunk out of a water fountain like this???

In the lobby all around near the concession stand rimming the ceiling are gargoyles. Kind'a different, huh? But amazing.

This is the stage. Once orchestras played in the pit there, now it is just a stage.

But there still is an old Wurlitzer pipe organ that rises up from underneath with a sound that'll knock your socks off! (1,400 pipes)

This desk is the "only" original piece of furniture there, the rest has been restored. I snapped a quick picture and promised myself I'd come back and get a better one on the way out. I didn't want to miss out on anything on the tour, so I ran with the group. But sadly as you see, I didn't remember to go back and get a better picture. The item I wanted to capture the most, I passed by.

"Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned as it were with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person." Colossians 4:6

Lord, why is it I sometimes treat those I love the same way, in such a hurry, I just give them a cursory word or acknowledgement? Or even worse, make them feel bad.

Teach me to stop for the important things.



Julie Gillies said...

Oh Karen, the Tampa Theater is so beautiful! What a fun day trip!

Autumn said...

Oh wow! It's beautiful! The water fountains are quite elaborate!

Kathy C. said...

Very ornate

Dave said...

Nice pictures Karen, of something very special. Thanks for sharing them - Dave

Dave said...
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Jean Wise said...

Thanks for the tour and the reminder of beauty in our lives

Libbie said...

Hi Karen! I love old theaters! My mom raised us going to LOTS of theater & I am that is how I ended up with a daughter named Annie....Maybe if we have another kid I'll name him Oliver :) Thanks for the tour! And the wonderful reminder! I love that you always fill me up with a little nugget of Gold & God! It makes your blog extra special! Thanks Karen! That is why

Johnnie Alexander Donley said...

Love the photos! (And loved being with you when you took them.)

Mothering from Scratch said...

Hi Karen! I've missed you! :) I'm back in the blogosphere, but at a different address. It's Melinda, by the way. I've started a new blog with a friend and am having so much fun!:)

Great reminder to treat the people we love with respect ... and beyond that the gift of our time and appreciation. Too easy to take the ones we love the most for granted ... including our Creator. :)

Karen said...

Julie, it was tons of fun!

Autumn and Kathy, it was elaborate and a bit gothic, too.

Thanks Dave.

Jeanie, I do often forget...

Libbie, how fun to find out Annie's name!! That's cool. You'd love this place. Hey, I really like that, Gold and God. You're too sweet.

Johnnie, I loved our trip. And that you might be back helping archive records and write your book!

Melinda!! Welcome back. I'm sporadic here, right now, but I WILL be over. Thanks!