Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Five Word Game

Diane gave me five words to use in a story or post. This one is true. So here goes!

Puppies, puppies everywhere! In among those is our Major. We took this picture at the breeder's, Hidden Meadows, where different colored ribbons are tied around the puppies necks to distinguish them for prospective buyers. We held different ones to see if we could tell their temperament. Not.

This is the one we chose. Mr. Orange ribbon. Here is Major at four weeks.

We didn't hold him long before he started to whine for his mom and get back in the box. Before some had even finished eating, little yellow spots appeared in the box or wading pool where they stayed. (Hey, this is Florida, what do you expect.) That's why the breeders had plenty of blankets around.

Once we got Major home, he had to taste all the flavors and textures around him. (I found Granny's Bitter Apple spray worked wonders.)

And finally, when that darling pup slept, I wanted to just squeeze that cute little fur ball to death.

"You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should bear much fruit." John 15:16

Okay you knew I had to add a scripture, right? Just as we picked Major, the Lord picked us to be His children. How many times do I whine and fuss like a baby when I am taken out of my "box?" How many times does He get my hands and feet out of trouble? But the whole time I know He loves me, and even watches over me as I sleep. Who could ask for more?

Okay, here's the deal. If anyone wants to play, I'm changing the game up a bit. Uh oh?! Well anyway,I will list the five words below. Then whoever wants to use them in a post let me know in the comments, then I will list all the participants in the next post on Monday. That way we can hop over to all the blogs and see the different stories, real or made up-you decide.

And the words are:

Zone, Ring, Dust, Pineapple, Elephant.

Have fun! Can't wait to read them.

Photos by karenevans


Diane said...

Great job with your 5 words. I love the scripture and how you incorporated it with the story. Really great job!!!!! :O)

Parsley said...

What a fun post. Of course, it had beautiful dogs in it so I'd give it 5 stars for that alone but the added scripture is so perfect, I give it 5 ++ stars.

I think I will take your challenge. It may take me a little while. Must...have...caffeine...first.

Sara said...

great job with the 5 words! i'm tempted to try yours, except my blog is about my necklaces...hmmm...i'll have to think about whether or not i'm up to the challenge....

Parsley said...

I'm finished. hehe

Clella said...

You are absolutely so clever and I will try to play your game. Haven't posted on my blog forever. This nano "thing" and my move to Florida has certainly slowed me down. I love your use of Scripture in this post and Major's pictures are so sweet. Clella

Karyn said...

Oh that pup is soooo sweet, and somehow that dining room chair pic seems vaguely familiar as I recall a chocolate lab, who is now 4 years old, who ate the dowels on my chairs as a pup.....LOL. I now just consider the chairs "distressed," hehe.

OK, off to write my 5 words post...hmmmm


Amy De Trempe said...

The puppy is so cute. Now, to see if I can do womthing with those five words. Hmmmmmm

Karyn said...

I finished my 5 word post! YAY me lol...Thanks, Karen :)


Karen said...

Diane, thanks your words came easy once I read puppies and yellow...teehee... Now look what you've started.

Parsley, man, your coffee must be high octane! I'm coming on over to read it! Oh, thanks for the 5++ stars!

Sara, anyone as creative as you will find a way to incorporate necklaces with those words. ;0

Oh, Clella, do play my game! I'd love to read what you think up. Set aside nano for a minute. You can do it!

Karyn, I love it, yes I too have distressed furniture. Am going to read yours now. How fun!

Amy, thanks I think all puppies are darling. Hey, let me know when you post those words.

Jean Wise said...

Normally my blog is serious so at first I wasn't sure how I could take up your challenge with your strange set of words, but I think I did succeed by writing a prayer. Come over and check out my answer starting on Monday morning.

Hilary said...

Cute idea but oh that puppy is just delicious! Look at that little belly. How did you keep from just smothering him with kisses while he slept?

Karen said...

Jeanie, I see you DID the post with the words and it is excellent!

Hilary, I quit, it just kept waking him up! snicker...

Jeanette Levellie said...

What fun! I just love Major to bits, and orange is my favorite color! You chose well, Karen.

Love you,

Karen said...

Jeanette, how cool to find out your fav color is orange! This was fun! Blessings

lenna said...

Hi Karen ~
I love your blog and your scriptures. I am going to write a story including your five words. I am not a writer but ~ here goes.
Your Major is just darling. Is he a Great Pyrenees? Good Luck training him. Aren't they so cute when they are asleep? Sorta like kids.
I have cat myself and sometimes they are both quite crazy.
My blog is ~ come by and see me.
Take care I will follow you and read your scriptures often.
God Bless ~

Iva said...

SUCH CUTIES!!!! AHHH!! I want them ALL!!!!! hehehe :)