Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Slump

No post today, I'm in a slump,
I'm sorry to say,
My fingers are typing the nano way.
10,000 words is all I lack,
To finish before December's back.

My mind is mush, I think I'll hush,
because I don't know how to end this.
Wonder if I'll make it?

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll let you know how I did either Monday or Tuesday.

Blessings to All

Photo: karenevans



Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Haven't I heard that some place? :-) I love this picture. This is tired! I feel that way this weekend for some reason so the post was good for me. Not fluff!. Love to you Clella

Johnnie said...

Karen, at least your creativity is still chugging along. Love the little ditty and find it very encouraging. Six thousand more words for me. Hope to finish by tomorrow night, though probably won't get much written today because of a houseful of football fanatics.

LLG said...

You're SO close -- closer than I am!

But I keep telling myself, I'm closer than I was on October 31st and I have a good foundation to build on.

Even if you stop now, you've done GREAT!

Karen said...

Clella, I just love that pic, too! He played hard and then just conked out. :)

Johnnie,oh, enjoy the football fans, I love football too, even more than my hubbie. :0

Laura,thanks for the encouragement. I am trying. Maybe...maybe....

Libbie said...

LOVE the picture. You didn't even need the clever poem...just the pic :) (but the poem was cute)

Kathryn Magendie said...


Karen said...

Libbie, I love that one too. My little grandson was just worn out!

Kathryn, thanks! I did finish, I can't believe it. But what exactly did I write, remains to be seen.:)

Julie Gillies said...

Oh Karen, I hope your slump is over by now. But I LOVE your picture. Hilarious! And so fitting for your little post. What would we do without our grandbabies?

Jean Wise said...

This post is so funny, love the poem. and I know how you finished too so makes this even better.
Congrats, girlfriend!

Karen said...

Julie, my slump is over and I made it! I love grandbabies...bring'em on!

Jeanie, thanks for all your help and encouragement.