Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cat in the Can

What's going on with this cat?

I think, if I was a cat, I'd be more embarrassed than hurt. Showing my need/want for dog food? If I was a cat, it would be beneath me. But I'm a dog lover (cat liker), so I'm not sure how cats really feel. Do you think she got this out of the trash can?

Anyway, Valarie, my good friend Jeanie's daughter, successfully cut the dog food can off it's head. Oh, Valarie's a vet.

"Fools are headstrong and do what they like; wise people take advice." Proverbs 12:15

Have you ever felt like a cat in the can? I know I have. Done foolish things that I should know better. Maybe my head was in the trashcan.

Take the trash out, Karen!



Ma Teakettle said...

Oh that is so sad, yet so very funny....I am in a constant state of "cat head in dog food can," and it aint pretty, my friend.


Parsley said...

Poor kitty. Of course, great point to go with the story but all the animal person in me can think is to try to fix pour veg oil and slip it out. ha

Have a great weekend my friend.

Johnnie said...

Karen, I'm catching up on my blog-reading and have loved reading your posts. The photo with Major and the bunnies -- wow! The bunny is so tiny!

Diane said...

Ahhhhhh! What a visual to remember. I don't want to be like that cat. :O)

Natasha said...

That poor little cat! I hope he wasn't too injured.

I will have to keep that image in the back of mind!

Best wishes for a blessed and beautiful week.

Karen said...

Karyn, hey, I'm with you there!

Parsley, great idea! But the cat was fine, however Valarie did it.

Johnnie, oh, those tiny bunnies are darling, but can't stay in my yard. They just don't understand!:P

Diane, I don't either, that's why I needed that reminder.

Natasha, the cat was fine. I guess it's the nine lives-thing. You have a great one, too!

Kathy C. said...

poor kitty!

Teri said...

Hi Karen! I could see on of the cats I used to have in exactly that same fix. Ashley could find trouble in an empty room!

Thanks for visiting my blog. The dill cookie? It was different. It had corn meal in it and had a very crumbly texture. Flavor wasn't bad. I'm not a pistachio fan but they were OK.


Karen, what a wonderfully and blessed twist your mind takes on a picture. thanks I love it. you are sving all of these aren't you? For your book?:-) Clella

Janean said...

makes you wonder if the Lord just shakes His head as he *cuts the can off our heads?* LOL.

Auntie Cake said...

I sometimes think I just go around with a can over my head. I love that verse, I don't recall ever hearing that one before. I am going to post it on my fridge. I always pray for wisdom for my children, and myself, and my hubby. We all need it!

Jean Wise said...

If I remember right this was only one of several strange cases Valerie had that week. This one topped the list though and makes for a good lesson. so pardon me while I go try to take this can off my head too. Thanks Karen

Libbie said...

THis really is too funny :) Yes...we have all been there haven't we. :)

I knocked out a very rough draft & included everything I want but now I need to make it come alive. Add some of the five senses & things. I am hoping to really focus on it after Annie's party. I printed it off & I carry it around sometimes but I really never get a moment to REALLY work it over.

Thanks for asking Karen...How about your writing?

Hilary said...

Oh ouch! Poor kitty. Her ego must have been crushed!

Karen said...

Kathy, I know.

Terri, wonder what this cat's name is? :) Those cookies sound really different!

Clella, yes I think my mind is a "little" different. :P I have these on my computer. Once I get a new one, I'll try copying them off. You're gonna hold me to that, aren't ya? :)

Janean, yes I think God does shake His head and chuckle.

Oh, Kate, me too. I need that wisdom, that's why I could relate to this cat.

Jeanie, thanks to you and Valarie for allowing me to use this picture.

Libbie, whoo, hoo-I'm so glad you're continuing to write. Mine is going okay. Not hustling with it right not. Life-you know....

Hilary, ha, that's what I thought, too. :)

Parsley said...

You should have an email inviting you to my new blog. Once you accept the invite you can view. Also remember you won't be able to view the posts on the dashboard but have to go directly there to see my posts.


Sista In Arms Lxx said...

It almost feels wrong to laugh Lxx

Karen said...

Parsley, thanks, I will check that out.

Lxx...I know!

{all things tickled pink} said...

I feel bad for that poor cat, but this is too funny!

Dave said...

I'm glad Valery got the cat out of the can alright Karen. Cats can be dippy sometimes! - Dave