Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tag-You're It!

My blogger friend, Emily Ann, tagged me. So I'm to write what I like, hate and love. So here goes.

I like it when my dog sleeps a little later in the mornings.
I like chocolate, uh oh, that may need to go under love?
I like crisp, clean days after a nights rain.
I hate when I'm sick.
I hate to hear about child abuse. And I hate what I want to do to the perps.
I hate Satan's lies to people.
I love my family-hubbie, children, grandchildren, parents, oh, all of'em.
I love seeing my children have joy and walk in the path of truth. (All my children and grandchildren here.) :)
I love how God loved me from "way back yonder," before I even knew Him.

Now, it's your turn. I'm tagging:
Down on the Farm gal

Check'em out.

So ya'll have fun and let us learn a bit about you.

AND I must show you this picture of Laura, my dear friend's, first book coming out this summer.

You've got to get this book, when it comes out! It's full of practical and fun info. She also emails a newletter. Check out her site. You'll love it!

Have a great time learning and visiting new blogs.




Anonymous said...

Great list. I just found Laura. Congrats!


Emily Ann Benedict said...

Great list, Karen. It is hard to decide which list chocolate goes on. ;)

Congrats to your friend on her new book. The cover looks great. :D

Dave said...

Karen, I'll pass on the Tag thing, thanks. Your friend's book looks like fun. Good for her. - Dave

Janean said...

karen, so it's fun to see we have things in common. today is one of those crisp, clear days after it rained yesterday!!!

thanks for your encouragement.


Natasha said...

Great list! And thanks for the info on that new book! I can't wait to have a look....I need as much help as I can get coming from a family of 3 girls!

Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

Karen said...

Diane, I'm glad you found her, she's a gem.

Emily Ann, yes, I love the cover, and her insights are wonderful. She still teaches high school.

Dave, thanks for playing along. Yes, I'm excited for her.

Janean, you're so welcome. I'm praying. Blessings**

Natasha, thanks, and you'll love the book-due to come out in Aug.

Jean Wise said...

I like waking up to gentle rains in the morning.
I hate waking up to an alarm clock's buzz
I love my kindred heart buddies.

love reading your list too!
thanks for the tag and an opportunity to breath in gratitude

Hilary said...

A fine list, indeed!

Jeanette Levellie said...

What fun! Thanks for letting us get to know you better.

Laura's book sounds and looks wonderful!


Libbie said...

Hey Karen! I totally agreed with you on the WHOLE list! I tried to pick a few things to comment about but I don't even know which one I liked the most! Good list to live by :)

Exciting about Laura's book isn't it!!! I will need to get one! FOR SURE!

I have to tell you I am not very good at tagging others but I did put up something that I LOVE :)

Take Care Karen!!!

Karen said...

Dave, I misread your comment. It's okay to pass. No worries! :)

Jeanie, oh I love your list too! :)

Hilary, thanks so much.

Jeanette, oh, you will love it! I'm also getting one for my kids (grown.)

Libbie, don't worry about "tagging," you could just ask people on their blogs to do it, or leave it open. I'm going to check out what you said. :) Yep, you'll love her book.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Hey, Karen, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog today. :)

Karen said...

Thanks Emily Ann, will check it out.

Deb said...

My five-year-old granddaughter loves this game...well, the traditional version of it.

Sometimes, when we say "like" we really mean "love."

Like when it comes to chocolate!

Am digging your list.

Sweet dreams.