Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley

Okay, you know my quirkiness....first the title grabbed me and the cover is actually transparent except for the leaf. If you look close, you can see the table of contents. That got me, I just had to read this author.

Andrew Farley writes about 10 Christian principles taught today, and asks if they are True or False. His answer will definitely surprise you. To see what they are check here. I won't tell you, it'll be a surprise. But I warn you, you'll need to read the book to understand.

I wanted to whip right through the book, but I found I couldn't. I kept stopping to rethink my beliefs and what I knew. Some of his ideas I totally agreed with, others I kept "chewing on" until I understood.

You gotta' check out this book. I'm going to leave you with a few quotes.

"Christ living through you is not a feeling." pg-194
"The term rewards does not appear anywhere in the New Testament." pg-168
"We don't initiate forgiveness, because we cannot." pg-136
"Any system that doesn't factor in once-for-all forgiveness is intrinsically flawed." pg-155
"The flesh is not the old self." pg-114

Are you shaking your head and saying no way, yet? I dare you to read it. Then, lets talk.

Oh, the post below was inspired while reading this book. Great liberating truths.

Andrew Farley is lead teaching pastor of Ecclesia ( He served as a professor of linguistics at University of Notre Dame for five years and is now a tenured professor at Texas Tech University. Andrew enjoys helping others discover the liberating truths that are the birthright of every child of God. He lives in Lubbock, Texas with his wife Katharine and their son Gavin. (Copied from his website.)

I received this book from The Blog Tour Spot free for reviewing. Check out other reviews here. The book is sold on Amazon.


Jean Wise said...

wow sounds very interesting, Karen. I love discovering new books to read and this one will go on my list.

Deb said...

"Christ living in you is not a feeling."

Think I'm stuck on that one.

Guess he's right, though.

Christ living in us is a choice.

His first.Then ours.

Christ living in us is a surrender.

Our will. Way. Wants. To His will. His way. What He wants.

What a challenge!

Sweet dreams.

Auntie Cake said...

Sounds like a book that I need to have my small group read so we can discuss it in length!

Have a great rest of the week. Thursday is almost here!

Laura said...

Yes, I suppose Christ in us can't be a feeling because then it would ebb and flow, come and go -- and He's the same all the time!

I'm intrigued by "we can't initiate forgiveness." This book sounds really interesting, Karen, and what a great cover idea.

Thanks for the review!

Dave said...

He sounds like a practical man Karen. - Dave

Jeanette Levellie said...

The book sounds captivating.

As to the word "reward" in the NT, what about the passage where Jesus says, "Pray in secret and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly?" Or, "great is your reward in Heaven?" And doesn't Revelation talk about Jesus coming with His reward i His hand? Unless this author is translating that word differently according to Greek text.

I do agree with the ones about feelings and forgiveness.

Happy Thursday,


Yes Jeanette and I had the same response; however, you did say read the book! so guess that is what we will do. YOu make it sound so interesting. Good review. Clella

Karen said...

Jeanie, I think this young fella will challenge you. :)

Deb, yes, he does make you think. I guarantee!

Kate, if you get this one, I promise you will have lively discussions!

Laura, his statements seem a bit wild, but when they are in context in the Bible and you read his reasons, yes....

Dave, I think so-I'd like to meet him one day.

Jeanette, ahhh, here comes the same questions I had. Both of those commonly quoted verses, do have different meanings. Andrew here, is talking about rewards for works handed out in heaven. But, now you'll just have to read the book to catch the rest. :)

Clella, yep, you'll have to read it. It's so different.

Libbie said...

He looks like such a young dude to be so wise :) I have to be honest...if I get half a second to read right will probably be something that requires NO thinking -but of course I hope it is beautifully written :) But it does look like a good book. Actually maybe I will get it for my husband for Father's Day. he LOVES books that getting him thinking about his faith! Thanks for the reccomendation!

You know I actually do have quite a few children's books on my computer. But I have read getting published for dummies about 10 times cover to cover & by the time I finish it my drive to the path to publishing is gone :) It just seems like SUCH a long shot...& to be honest...none of them are really that good. & I am NOT being modest :) But maybe someday!!! I secretly wish that when my last baby hit school...I can get to work! Thanks for the encouragement!!! I love hearing about you writing!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Hi Karen. I've tagged you on my blog today. Just a little bit of fun. :)

Melinda said...

This book looks intriguing ... I love books that challenge the way we view Christianity. Some of our long-held belief systems are so flawed!

I read The Pressure's Off recently -- by Larry Crabb. Really changed a lot of myths I was living out in my Christian life.

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Karen,
You are so right about needing a little stormy weather once in a while so we don't get bored. My hubby and I are the only people that we know that couldn't wait to get home from Hawaii, because the weather was all so nice and sunny every day. I got bored of the sun, needed a little bit of clouds!!! (I know, I am a little weird...)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

Libbie, yep, he is young. If your hubby likes thinking challenges, this is the book. Oh, I think some day I'll see your name in print. :)

Emily Ann, I read the tag and will respond tomorrow. Your new award is really cute.

Melinda, then you will like this one! Let me know if you read it.

Kate, that's so funny. But I do always like coming back home. You know, if we lived closer I think we'd get along faaabulously. :P