Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher

"Who says a woman can't keep a secret?" are the words on the back cover of this book.

Of course, as a woman, I take umbrage with that. Just another reason to read this delightful Christian fiction novel, the third in The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Series. I didn't read the first two, but this book can stand alone. Robin Lee craftfully tells the backstory within the book, so it's much like a small mystery within the story.

Set in 1918, the author gives a glimpse into the life and customs of that era. The secret, known by only one, must be revealed and henceforth begins a romance. Say, does that sound like 1918 "speak?"

This is a quick and fun read that leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.

Check out Robin's website and contest. This book is listed with Amazon. I received this book free from The Blog Tour Spot for review. Check out other reviews here.
Happy reading.


Parsley said...

Thanks for the book review. I have many I want to read. Would have been nice if I wrote them all down and started a wish list instead of forgetting which to pick up next. (sigh)

I sent you an invite to my other blog.

Diane said...

Sounds great! :O)

Auntie Cake said...

Okay, that sounds right up my alley for summer reading. I love historical fiction, and a quick and fast read that I can pick up and let my mind wander is all what summer reading is all about for me. Our library is kind of small, and I found myself checking out the same books all the time so I started going alphabetically about 3 years ago. I am now on the D's! I have found a ton of great books that I otherwise would never have found, some bad ones, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. I will have to deviate from my pattern.

And as my babies are only a week old, they are residing in my pantry. When they get a lot bigger, I will move them into the coop, but I have hawks around and so they would be a tasty snack at this stage! I do have really weird things in my pantry, I know!

Deb said...

This sounds like perfect summer reading material.

And I dig historical fiction.

Hope your summer gets off to a wonderful start.

Sweet dreams.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Sounds like a winner, Karen. Thanks for the review.


Karen said...

Parsley, thanks so much.

Diane, it was a fun read.

Kate, then this is the summer book for you! Chicks in the Pantry--that does sound like a good book title. :)

Deb and Jeanette, this one was fun.

Libbie said...

I LOVE stories of women's lives from long ago! It looks so cute too! I am one of those who fall for cute covers :)

That is so cute about your magazine! I don't even have mine out! Actually when I get a spare moment I am hoping to frame it & put it in the hall upstairs :) thanks for telling me about it! It made me smile & I told Annie & my husband...we are all feling so loved! Thank You!

Karen said...

Libbie, I'm so glad to bring a smile, you and yours are darling!

Laura said...

Sounds like a fun vacation read! Can I borrow it?

I've got to sign up for blog tours and get me some books!!

Happy weekend, Karen.