Saturday, June 12, 2010


Okay, here I am driving home after work and I pull up to a truck with the Strachan's homemade ice cream logo. It's hot, in the 90's and my mouth starts to water. As I pull next to him at the red light, my heart sinks as I read his bumper sticker.

"Driver does not carry spoons."

Awww, man. You must understand, this local ice cream parlor makes their own ice cream, desserts and sauces, and had been voted "Best of Tampa Bay." Now, do you see why I was sad?

But, I know that if the truck was full of ice cream and there was an emergency, he would gladly give spoons and even bowls full of ice cream.

"This is a large work I've called you into, but don't be overwhelmed by it. It's best to start small. Give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty, for instance. The smallest act of giving or receiving makes you a true apprentice. You won't lose out on a thing." Matthew 10:42

When diasters or emergencies come we're good about helping. But "spoonfuls of help" can make a big difference, too.

Do I stop and help an elderly person put their groceries in their car, do I listen, really listen when someone needs my ear, do I buy an extra bottle of water for the thirsty, or smile instead of frown when a harried mom with yelling kids is in line at the store in front of me......

Just spoonfuls, but how delicious they can be.

Lord, may I carry spoons of kindness everywhere.

As research for this post, writer "had" to taste for proof. Well, somebody's gotta' do it......



Diane said...

I think that's the taste and see one.... Great reminder to look where I can be used. :O)

Parsley said...

Good lesson for me. I hate to admit but I still struggle offering spoonfuls of kindness when I'm hurried or caught up in my own thoughts. I'm trying...but God isn't finished with me yet.

Laura said...

Oh, Karen, we appreciate the way you sacrificed for this post!!

Loved this lesson. May I carry spoons everywhere.

Kathy C. said...

So you did get the ice cream--that's what counts :)

Analisa said...

I love that, spoonfuls of kindness. You never know when a little thing like that can keep someone from falling off the edge.

I was going through a horrible a couple of decades ago very depressed. I remember just staying in church all day and not going home. I walked into the chapel where a few women were praying just to sit and wait on the next service. This older woman just came up and wrapped me in a hug. I never knew her name or why she did it. It really impacted me in a very strong way. I never forgot that hug.

Kathryn Magendie said...

It's 10 in the morning, but now I want ICE CREAM! Ohhhhh! and it's been years and years since Ihad a banana split!

Karen said...

Diane, I so many times ignore those little places.

Parsley, oh, I'm sooo glad He constantly works on me, too.

Laura, whew, it was a sacrifice! :P

Kathy, yes, the ice cream was great.

Analisa, thanks so much for sharing that. I will remember, that hugs can be spoons, too. Blessings**

Kathryn, it's been a long time for me too. But I had help from my hubbie! Give in and treat yourself, you can, just this once. :)

Julie Gillies said...

Such a DELICIOUS post, Karen. What a tease you are, posting a scrumptious picture like that! (Ahh, the things we do in the name of research! Ahahaha!)

Yum. And nice post, too, my friend. :)

Bina said...

I am always up to the be taste tester for great yumminess!! I love your analogy...and I may never look at a spoon the same way again!!

alicia said...

what an awesome post! Way to take one for the team and taste the food, how very noble!
Truly, I am quick to help with a truckful, but will remember to offer up a spoonful in my daily journey.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Great to 'meet' you!!

Jean Wise said...

What a refreshing post! I will take a spoon with me today

Karen said...

Julie, snicker...thank you.

Alicia, thanks for following! Yes, I always take the "high" road. HA!

Jeanie, I need to keep one in my purse as a reminder!

IanH said...

Howdo I get a job like that? Ice cream tester, wow!

Libbie said... might need to start carrying some spoons in your car :) Ooooo I am an ice cream addict...I seriously think I might be! :)