Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life in Defiance by Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth finishes her Defiance Texas Triology with this book. She again explores physical and emotional family abuse. It ends with redemption and justice. Topics like this are hard for me to read, because it's so foreign in my life. But I must say I have a better understanding of some of the thought processes of those in abusive situations.

This book involved me more than the first two, I don't exactly know why, but I think it was that evil finally faced right. The way Mary wrote a turn of phrase or combination of words, delighted my "love of words." She also startled me with the main character talking to me/the reader at times. Gosh, that was a little unnerving, but definitely served her purpose.

Mary DeMuth is a great writer using difficult circumstances to educate, entertain and enlighten.

I received this book from The Blog Tour Spot free for the review. Check out what other reviewers said here. Check here for the Amazon listing.

Learn more about Mary and her ministries in writing and speaking.


Diane said...

That would be a hard topic for me too, but it definitely builds compassion in me towards others' experiences. Glad this book was involving for you.

Mary DeMuth said...

Thanks so much for reading the book and offering your review. I really appreciate it!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Mary is an incredible writer and a courageous lady. I've not read this series, but have heard only great reviews on it.

Thanks for your comments on my post today!


Laura said...

Sounds interesting and involving. I'll have to borrow it, Karen!

Libbie said...

Ever since I became pregnant with Annie I have had a hard time reading anything with abuse...however I am working on THE LOVELY BONES right now-but it is breaking my heart completely for lots of reasons...what happened to the girl & the authors depiction of heaven. I am not very far into it but I don't even know if I will finish it either.

Well was that a bunny trail or what! You can tell it is late!

Thanks for the review!

Hilary said...

Karen, I'm replying to the comment(s) you just left on my blog. I'm thinking that maybe you clicked on the "email follow up comments to" box when you left your comment. You would receive your comment and every comment left after yours in your email unless you hit Unsubscribe again after that. I use that feature often on others' blogs when I want to keep abreast of the comments, or of the blog owner's reply to the comment I left. I'm about to click on this one so that I'll know when you respond to my comment on your blog. :)

Karen said...

Hilary, thanks so much, I'm gonna check, because I HAVE recieved all the comments since mine. I didn't even know there was such a box. And I have one???! :P But that's great to know.

Janna Qualman said...

I knew of her memoir (which I hope to read soon), but not this this series. Thanks for this heads up, Karen!

Kathryn Magendie said...

what an absolutely beautiful cover!