Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bark at the Ball Park 2009

We went to "Bark at the Ball Park" today and wanted to share some pictures for all you dog lovers. Three times a year the Clearwater Threshers minor league baseball team allows the Humane Society of Pinellas to have a dog day during the game. Yes, you have to pay for your four-legged friend, but it all goes to the Humane Society.

There are big dogs, and little dogs, and some dress up for the special occasion.

The Humane Society has raffles and T-shirts you can buy and all sorts of fun stuff. You can be in the stands, or hang out in the grassy areas. A fan favorite moment is when someone hits a foul ball and they play a door bell sound-all the dogs bark.

Then here's my dog, Major after a rousing day of meet and greet, or rather, wag and sniff. He's not too spoiled. Hey, we are empty nesters, what can I say!

Was a good time. Enjoy your family pets.

ps. Click on the pictures to enlarge-of course you probably already knew that.


Jean Wise said...

what fun!! almost makes me want to get a dog. HA!

Kathy C. said...

He's adorable.

Johnnie said...

Looks like you all, especially Major, had a great time. Let me know the next time they have this event.