Monday, April 6, 2009

My Nation is a Mess

I look around and see people in sorrow, fear and frustration.

  • Established laws are changed for a particular agenda

  • There are taxes upon taxes

  • Laws are passed that devalue life

  • Leaders cannot recognize right from wrong

  • The eternal evidence of truth is ignored

  • Rulers talk disparagingly of good and right

  • The bad go free and the good are imprisoned

  • Nations disregard the truth

  • The world trembles and fears the future
  • People incite mobs with wild rhetoric

  • Will evil take over?
  • What can we do?
  • Is there any hope?

My heart is breaking. Is there no one to stand up to this atrocity?

Haunting thoughts from one standing in the dark of day near the foot of the cross at Golgatha.


Clella said...

Karen,This is such a winner!! Thanks. and well written too. Love Clella

Johnnie said...

Love your posts!