Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jesus' Star-Children and Christmas Truth

"I found it," two -year-old Jeremy said, "it's Jesus' star!" Held in his grandfather's arms, Jeremy pointed to the brightest star in the December's eastern sky and wiggled with excitement.

His grandfather told him throughout the day about Jesus and the events surrounding His birth. He talked about all the things that a two-year-old could understand, and that they might get to see the star.

"Before you go to bed, we'll look for the Christmas star, okay?" his grandfather said.

Nighttime came and Jeremy picked out the star, just as his mom did when she was a toddler.

"He called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said: 'I tell you unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'" Matthew 18:2-3

During this Christmas season, I want to be like Jeremy and see wonder anew in each part of the Christmas story. I want to wiggle with excitement and point others to the bright star of Jesus.

May I be still long enough to listen as Jesus whispers His story again in my heart. I might just go out tonight and start to look for that star. (If only it wasn't raining...sigh.) Well, maybe tomorrow.

I'm star gazing!


Johnnie said...

Karen, thank you for sharing our Christmas tradition.

Melinda said...

Your little guy is so cute! ;0) I agree ... I want that "wonder" too. I'm trying to keep it simple and meaningful this year.

Janna Qualman said...

Such a beautiful, warm-fuzzy of a post. Thank you, Karen!

Karen said...

Johnnie, thank you for giving me the story. Jeremy is just too cute!

Melinda, isn't it strange that we have to "try" to make it simple? I always learn the hard way...:0

Janna, you're welcome, through the mouths of babes, no?

L.L. Barkat said...

Last night, we walked wintry streets. And I delighted to find the first star in the sky.

What is it about the stars? Little bits of glory flung into the sky. A peek, a promise.

Karen said...

L.L. Barkat, thanks so much for stopping by. Your words make me stop and wonder. Blessings**

Julie Gillies said...

Amen, Karen!

Your grandson is precious...and so is his heart. God, give us that same childlike wonder and excitement this Christmas season!

Have a blessed week! :)

Karen said...

Ah, Julie, I wish I could take credit for him, but he's Johnnie's grandson. A cutie too!

Libbie said...

Oh what a good idea! Thank you! Boy he sure is a cutie! Isn't it fun watching them grow & do what their parents did! I still get tears everytime I see Annie doing the same things I did. I am sure it will happen with Bo soon too ...But I have a feeling he will grow up more acting like his Dad :)