Saturday, December 19, 2009

Run for Joy-Children Christmas Truth

Running with excitement on Christmas morn. What makes these pictures so endearing to me and makes me smile with my heart? Well, it sure isn't my curly-perm hair-do that was popular then...

Is it waiting to see if my children liked what was brought by Santa Claus? All the work my hubbie and I did to gather their special requests, and sometimes work to put together those "easy to assemble" items? No....

For me, the gifts didn't matter. It's watching the undisguised joy in seeing what they dreamed for come true.

"Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east, and have come to worship Him." Matthew 2:2

"And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon; and this man was righteous and devout, looking for the consolation of Israel...and he came in the Spirit into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Jesus...he took Him into his arms, and blessed God." Luke 2:25, 27-28

"And there was a prophetess, Anna...and at that very moment, she came up and began giving thanks to God, and continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem." Luke 2:36, 38

All of these waited and hoped to see the miracle of the Messiah. God granted them their dream and filled them with joy.

I wonder if the Lord smiles in His heart when we run to see Him, or when we find what we've longed and hoped for? I think He does. (He probably laughed at my hair-do, too.)

Keep me running Lord, filled with the expectation of seeing You.



Oh Karen what a truth you have written today. It certainly is the joy of this time of year that makes it so special. And I know God smiles. You have written another sweet truth and the pictures are priceless. Clella

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I forget at times to have the excitiement and thankfulness that I should. Hugs :O)

Kathy C. said...

Hey, I still have a perm....

Parsley said...

Love this post!

Jean Wise said...

Karen, this is great and love how you have used your older family pics. I also think how the shepherds ran throughout Bethlehem telling the good news. love all the spirit I feel in this post. thank you for sharing

Sara said...

I think He delights in us more often, and more deeply than we could ever know. Thanks for another great Christmas post, Karen

Karen said...

Clella, I wish you all the joy of Christ and family this Christmas.

Diane, I know your plate has been full, just don't miss the priceless moments. :)

Kathy, but your perm looks good!!

Parsley, thanks!

Jeanie, yes, the shepherds, too. I had fun looking back on all these photos.

Sara, I think that's such a great thought! How awesome.

Deb said...

That hairdo?

Oh, yeah. Me too.

What were we thinking?

And, yes, I think He loves it when we run after Him.

Sweet dreams.

Hilary said...

Oh those faces are wonderful! :)

Julie Gillies said...

What precious, precious photos, Karen. Even your curly 'do. *big smile*

I KNOW the Lord smiles in His heart when we run to Him. He loves us more than we love our children (and grandchildren).

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas week, my friend.

Karen said...

Deb, thanks Deb, have a wonderful Christmas.

Hilary, I love the "moment" captured on those pictures. They are now ages, 27 and 29.

Julie, ahh, the curly-do. I'm so glad He does love us more than our earthly love. You, too, have blessed Christmas.

Libbie said...

Isn't it true! What we do to see the magic in their eyes! When Annie asked Santa for something I couldn't find I told her, "Now you know Annie you might not get the Strawberry Shortcake house." She just looked at me with confidence & said, "Oh I'll get it mom...I'll get it." She will...I went to 5 Targets after that conversation.

Then today Karen as I was wrapping underware for my dad she asked what I was wrapping & when I told her what it was she said, "Is that what he wanted?" I told her it was & her eyes lit up..."Then his Christmas dreams will all come tue." Underware. :) Funny girl.

I hope you have plans to be surrounded by your gang for Christmas & i hope that your rudolph pictured there makes an appearance! Merry Christmas Karen!

Jeanette Levellie said...

I don't think the Lord laughs at our hair-dos, no matter how kooky we look to ourselves, but He does dance with joy when we run to meet Him.
Great post, as usual.

Karen said...

Libbie, I too would have gone to 5 stores after that, and what a darling girl she is, too. Please write down her statements, somewhere. I didn't and now I can't remember them. Those are priceless. You and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Jeannette, I like that thought that He might be dancing with joy over us. Thanks. Merry Christmas!!