Saturday, December 26, 2009

Too Big Gift-Children Christmas Truth

For Christmas my two-year-old son, wanted anything football, oh, and the Hot Wheels, three wheeler you see behind him. He repeatedly asked for a "hemit" and football so we gave in. But the helmet was a tad big, and he wasn't sure how to place it on his head. But he loved it! He wanted to wear it everywhere. However, there were times that was not appropriate. Say, like church... But he did grow into it.

"For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And the Child continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him." Luke 2:11, 40

In this last post of Children's Christmas Truth, we see Jesus grows and matures as a child. The Savior yes, but much maturing had to occur before that awful, amazing day of grace and mercy.

Sometimes the Lord's gifts require time to fulfill.

I'm learning to believe one gift the Lord gave me, is writing. I went to a writers conference 3 years ago with a written devotional. They told me the idea had merit, but too niche and too short. There I met wonderful Christian sisters who have encouraged me and helped me grow into this craft of writing. What I wrote then, yaouza was awful! Now the book is completely changed. I was not "big" enough (maturity wise..snicker) for what I wanted to do then. The Lord gave me the desire, but I didn't even know how to "wear" it either. I had and still have much maturing to do with the gift and in God's grace to grow.

What gift has God given you that's a bit too big?


Karyn said...

Oh Karen, what a true gift you have! I love reading your blog and seems as though I am sitting right along with you as you spin your tale and seeing it all through your eyes. What a blessing to not only have a special gift, but to realize it too, and share it with us all.

I just love ya :)

BTW....our oldest son had a black cape, that I made out of DH's old tshirt, he wore it for years everywhere!

Karyn said...

I forgot to add that I am sitting here, watching the cold rain turn the snow to slush, and dreaming about your weather ;)


Deb said...

The writing thing feels big.

Like am I ready to try writing a magazine article or devo?

Not sure.

But prayed about it this morning.

And His answer so far?

Be still.

Karen, I really like this post.

And I visited your sisters. So cool to have that kind of support.

Sweet dreams.

Parsley said...

God knows me and doesn't overwhelm me with something that feels too big. He usually 'eases' me into things and helps me 'grow into it' without my knowing.



These Christmas posts have been excellent@2 Perhaps you need to combine them into one article and submit for next year. Just a thought...hope it is a fit! :-) Sometimes, I feel my gift is too makes me squirm because I am not wearing it...think on that. Ha
And you have blessed your sisters too!. Love Clella

Jean Wise said...

I agree with Karyn's post above - you do have a wonderful gift - keep writing, girlfriend! God has blessed you.

Karen said...

Karyn, Golly, gee, you are too sweet. You know I learn as I write. I love the black cape. My son would dress up for anything!! Such a ham. :) I'm sorry it's so cold up there, say, come for a visit--we're only 2 hours from Mickey Mouse. ((hugs))

Deb, your blog is great. I say go for the writing of articles, or local newspaper or church paper... You have to start somewhere. I'll be glad to push, if you want me to. ;) Check into local writing groups.... You won't know if you don't try.

Parsley, there are some things God has done that with me, too. But this writing, is "big" for me. But if He leads, I will try to follow.
Blessings to you.

Karen said...

Clella, and Jeanie, this is strange, how did my comments go after yours? Only thing I can think of is you were commenting while I was??

Anyway, thank you dear friends. You are sisters of encouragement!

Dave said...

Hi Karen. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Writing can be fun once we master it (wish I had!) but can be hard work to perfect it. Glad your boy finally fitted into his helmit. Best wishes to you. - Dave

Hilary said...

That's an adorable picture of the little guy with the big helmet! Best of luck with the writing. Like most good things, it takes practice, experience, learning and maturity.

Karen said...

Dave, thanks for stopping in. Yes, I have found writing is extremely hard work and lots of learning.

Hilary, thanks, kids are so much fun. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm keepin' at it. :)

Jeanette Levellie said...

What a cute photo and wise post, Karen.

All the gifts God has given me are too big. I can do nothing without His help in using them as He'd like.

Happy New Year!
Audience of ONE

Julie Gillies said...

So true, Karen. Just as your precious son grew into his "hemit", we mature into the writing gifts God has entrusted to us.

You will probably laugh when I tell you that my baby brother had one of those Hot Wheels racer bikes. He rode it in our basement during Michigan winters and wore holes in the tires.

Happy New Year, Karen!

Johnnie Alexander Donley said...

Karen, I'm catching up with your blog and glad I didn't miss this post. May I remind you that your writing at that first conference won Devotion of the Year??!!

But I know what you mean. Each of us are better writers than we were three years ago and the learning hasn't stopped. I'm privileged to be traveling this journey with you.

Karen said...

Jeanette, isn't it awesome how He helps what He gives?

Julie, I can picture your brother riding his hot wheels. Something about boys and stuff like that!

Johnnie, oh, I think no one that written about boot camp. But one day, I still want to write's just changed a bit for now. I thank God for you and all your help and encouragement too.

Happy New Year to All!