Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's One of Those Days

Yesterday, whew! My hubbie and I were in my old van, turned a corner, and heard a pop. It made a horrible noise the whole way home. Our mechanic is close, so we got hubbie's car and dropped my van off with an explanation in the drop box. (They were closed for the 4th. We could see a bolt or something dragging underneath.)

Then with hubbie gone. And, ohhhh, about supper time I just happened to go into the garage and saw water all down one side. Yep, the hot water heater decided to break. I called my friends down the street, and they came and helped me shut off the water and breaker. The water heater is doomed. It's still leaking, but I've channeled the water out the side door of the garage. Don't ask me how.

"When I remember Thee on my bed, I meditate on Thee in the night watches, for Thou hast been my help, and in the shadow of Thy wings I sing for joy. My soul clings to Thee; Thy right hand upholds me." Psalm 63:6-8

I was pretty flustered by nighttime, or rather the time the Tampa Bay Rays played baseball. So I chilled and watched the game and reflected on the day.

I found plenty to thank the Lord for:

Hubbie was still home to help me get the car to the mechanic. It didn't happen while on the way to work or taking my folks to the doctor the next day.

My friends were home to come help with support, knowledge and towels.

One of those days? Yes; but a good day after all.

I had a good nights sleep, although my shower was quite invigorating!



Diane said...

What a day! What a wonderful attitude!!! :O)

Jean Wise said...

ooo Karen, things certainly do seem to happen all at once, don't they? but you modeled for all of us great 'reframing" of a situation - and looking for the blessings. great example and thanks for the reminder

alicia said...

Wow! You maybe deserve the chance to grumble and pout a bit after that day! But good for you for chosing to find the good! God is usually in the bad stuff after all.

Deb said...

Why didn't somebody tell us that there would be days like this?

Or maybe someone did, but I was at the beach or blogging or something.

Love your wonderful attitude.

By the way, did the Rays win?

Sweet dreams.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I'm proud of you that you could thank the Lord for all His blessings in spite of the devil's torment. Don't you love to drive Satan nuts like that? He hates it when we rejoice in the Lord.

Karen said...

Okay, all ya'll, my next post will be a disclaimer on how I arrived at that attitude! :P But yes, at least I did find the blessings at the end.

Deb, yes the Rays won, which made me happy, too.

We get the new water heater tomorrow/Friday! Whoo Hoo, hot water.

Karen said...

Kim, thanks so much for following. Do you have a blog?

Linda said...

So happy it all turned out and that you were able to give thanks in the midst. I love the sweet baby picture!

Melinda said...

That's so hard to do when you're having a bad day! Good for you for making the CHOICE to focus on your blessings, Karen! Thank you for the reminder! ;0)

Karen said...

Linda, I'm learning....I think the Lord's gonna' be working on me a long time. Thanks, the pic's of my grandson.

Melinda, you know, sometimes, it doesn't seem like a choice-but it always is.