Saturday, July 3, 2010

That Wascally Wabbit!

I love this ornamental Peanut plant. It is super hardy and is a great ground cover with yellow flowers that bloom on and off all summer. They even survive in the median along our four lane road.

They were on sale at Home Depot, so I bought a few for my front yard. We planted and watered, then after a few days we noticed they weren't doing so well. I thought, must be my brown thumb. They kept getting worse.

Well, I thought, I'm glad I only bought a few.

Then yes, you know the end of this story. The next morning, I looked out my front window to see a rabbit happily munching on each plant. (If you know me, you know about my other rabbit stories.) Soooo, we not only house them, we feed them delicious food. ARGH!

I read in the paper that if you put dried blood around your plants, the rabbits won't eat it. Say what? I just HAD to email the writer and ask what kind of blood, and where is it bottled? So far, I've no answer.

But I guess that's okay, 'cause I might have buzzards hovering next.

"For every beast of the forest in Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is Mine." Psalm 50:10, 11

I won't harm the bunnies, but I can rely on the One who made all creatures to take care of the plantings in my life. Even when they become tattered and torn, He knows about each nibble on them, past present and future.

His blood is my protection.

Photo:top-Bing, bottom-karenevans


Sara said...

Cute story, karen. I, too, am a brown-thumbed sort of girl! I lOVE how you related your true life story to our relationship with our creator.

Linda said...

What a lovely blog you have! I just popped over from Kat's Tender Graces blog. I had to laugh out loud at the thought of putting dried blood around plants!

Parsley said...

Those dumb bunnies! Maybe it's rabbit blood LOL

Seriously, that's a wierd 'tale'. Sounds a little like nature worship or something.

Can't wait for you to join the recipe exchange. I've gotten several emails so far. FUN!

Amy DeTrempe said...

I love working in my garden but I would give up having a garden if it meant I had to add blood - ewwww. Our rabbit problem is at a minimum right now because of the other pets. One dog and three cats enjoy hunting in the yard. Lately we've been finding all kinds of "presents" - another ewwww. Oh well, it is in their nature.

Jeanette Levellie said...

So sorry you wasted your money on those plants--expensive bunny biscuits, weren't they?

We see bunnies now and then, but our cats scare them away.

You always think of the brightest things to say, Karen.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Your blog looks like a beautiful oasis! love these colors.

and I've never heard of blood! maybe they meant the plant bloodroot - not sure....huhn

and as to your comment: so glad you are working on your writing projects!

Natasha said...

Gee I am so glad we don't have rabbits in my state!

About the blood...we have a fertiliser over here called blood and bone...I know it sounds really works as a fabulous fertiliser though! Maybe you could see if you have that in the US?

Blessings and best wishes for a happy 4th of July,

Karen said...

Sara, thanks. I do best with the silk kind of plants. :P

Linda, thanks so much for following. I laughed too when I read that in the paper. Still no answer from him tho'.

Parsley, yeah, I thought of rabbit blood, too. But just couldn't do that. Besides, I can't run fast enough to catch them. Major, either-they scoot under the fence.

Amy, oh yeah...we get those kinds of presents as thank yous too!

Jeanette, ha! Bunny there's a good title.

Kathryn, thanks. I've never heard of bloodroot plant. Wonder what that looks like? Yikes? As to WIP, I'm trying, but not spending as much on them as I'd like.

Natasha, you don't have rabbits?? Is that possible? Wow. I haven't heard of that fertilzer either. I know about the bone meal.... Thanks for the holiday wishes.