Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doggie Class-Part Tres/Trey or Whatever!

(Continuation from the last two posts.)

We brought doggie treats to use as rewards for learning and accomplishments. See Major looking the opposite way from the instructor? Ha. He was tired of being told what to do.

But he sure perked up when the teacher took her turn with him. Why?

Because she was so good, smelled like doggies, or Major had a sudden inspiration to work? Noooooo.

She had chopped up beef hot dogs in her treat bag! My regular dog biscuits didn't satisfy him any more. He wanted something new. People food was the best!

But his stomach didn't think so.

So we are back to his regular dog treats.

"God's blessing makes life rich, nothing we do can improve on God." Proverbs 10:22

How many treats do I need from God to keep me working? Isn't what He's done, enough "treats" to last me an eternity? Why do I sit and turn the other way until He sends another treat? Why not just work because of love?

Lord, help me to remember You are all the reward I need.



Melinda said...

Yes, Karen! I too often take the "what have you done for me lately" approach with God! When what He did for me 2,000 years ago is far, far more than I deserve!

Kathy C. said...

Poor puppy. I have that kind of stomach too.

Diane said...

Convicting words that are necessary to hear sometimes... thank you. :O)

Amy DeTrempe said...

This is so true. I've never thought of God and treats this way. We have been given more than enough already. But, He continues to bless us even when we don't sit up but stray

Kathryn Magendie said...

I use chicken hotdogs to train our dogs ...they, and their stomachs, love them :0D

You are going to see your sweet ones, too? I am so excited - can't wait! NK will be a year old!

Karen said...

Melinda, Amen.

Kathy, well just stick to regular doggie treats....:P

Diane, I know, He reminds me often!

Amy, He does give grace upon grace!

Kathryn, oh, the chicken ones might be better, but he has such a "sensitive" tummy....sigh. Yes, I'm going too! Yay!


Lord, help me to remember You are all the reward I need.

Karen, I would like to add a big AMEN to your prayer :-)


Dave said...

We all need rewards in the form of encouragement if we are to continue to do good works I think Karen?

Karen said...

Ron, I second that!

Dave, yes and God does give us plenty! Also uses people like you and others for encouragement, too.

Clella said...

Karen, These are so entertaining and so true. You have such insight. Clella

Libbie said...

That shot of Major faced the other way made me smile! I understand :) Poor Major :) But it will all be worth it soon Maj. You just wait & see :)

Karen said...

Clella, thanks sweetie.

Libbie, me too. Didn't know hubbie had snapped that one. He is a good dog! Oh, Major, that

Jennie Allen said...

I love this- because I was just thinking I need a treat!