Saturday, October 9, 2010

Doggie Classes

 Major was about a year old when I took him to class. Yes, all ya'll non-doggie persons, people do take dogs to class.

Anyway, he learned the basics, like sit, heel, stay and come...sometimes. Major is a smart, social, fun-loving guy who never meets a stranger, either human or animal.

But he didn't pass the class with flying colors. Sigh. The one command he wouldn't do was the recall-to come back to me after staying. He would run right past me to the nearest dog to play.

The teacher suggested I buy a retractable leash, so when he runs to the end, he would be stopped with a jerk. Good idea! Took one to the next class. As predicted when I called "Come," he ran past me and as the leash pulled, guess what I did? I grabbed the leash instead of letting him reach the nearest dog! Bad move! The cord burned my hand good. 

Well, the teacher said he was just too exuberant for his own good. Maybe when he's a year or two older he might calm down. (He's 3 now, still waiting.)

Sad thing is, I wanted to get him into the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) class so he could make hospital visits and such. But that one thing keeps him from passing and having a good time visiting people, which he would so enjoy.

"Come to Me....and learn from Me." Matthew 11:28,29

In this life of lessons what is the one thing that God wants to correct or teach me? Why do I insist on running ahead doing my own thing, when He wants to teach me? And yes, to finish the analogy, His teaching is always for my enjoyment and good. Have you ever felt like that?

Lord, may I come and learn.

Photos:karenevans (and Major)


Diane said...

I always wish to learn more from Him no matter if I like the lesson or not. :O)

Jean Wise said...

yes,yes I do run ahead of God - all the time. When I pause and really listen to Him, I do learn.

Kathy C. said...

Too bad you can't just sit down and have a good talk with your doggy about the consequences of his actions!

Hilary said...

Aww what a sweetie. He's just a bit too sociable and doesn't want to be kept back from his buddies.

Connie Arnold said...

Cute dog, and nice comparison to what we do with God. We all need to be trained to come to the Master.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Perhaps he wants to do his visiting and socializing his way, not yours. Which is just like me and God--I think I know better than my Father. Duh!

Great post, Karen.

Dave said...

Hmm Karen, I wonder if his 'Mum' is too easy with him? :-) - Dave

Kathryn Magendie said...

oh! I can just picture you with your baby feeling like a mom with a child who just won't behave in class - you love that they are happy and gleeful, but...dang,...


Karen said...

Diane, yes, some lessons are not so pleasant.

Jeanie, oh, listen is the operative word!

Kathy, wish I knew dog-speak. :)

Hilary, that's it exactly!

Connie, if I could only keep in mind, what the Master wants me to do is what is really good for me.

Jeanette, Amen.

Dave, you might have a point there, yet his teacher tried and it still didn't work. :P

Kathryn, oh, exactly, but all just laughed with me.


I have a couple of neighborhood dogs that need to attend doggie training classes or maybe I should say their owners need to be trained :-)

Julie Gillies said...

Oh Karen, I love the pics of Major. He and my Australian Shepherd, Sophie, would be great doggie pals, I just know it...she's never met a pooch she didn't love.

Hoping I don't give God rope burn.*grin*

Still in training,

Melinda said...

Definitely, Karen! I am Major! ;0) Good thing I have a patient Master!

Libbie said...

I totally feel like that! A few areas of my life sadly !

Oh you both would have so much fun & be so good at visiting patients! I hope that someday it will work out! You are such a spark of joy!!!

Clella said...

I can relate to this. Our daughter took our dog to class. Thus we thought to train daughter and pet-neither were at the top of the class because they each wanted to do their own thing. I have a feeling God may be shaking His head about me much the same as I did when I watched them. I,too, want to do my own thing. But they both kept trying and so do I. Great fun post again Karen.. Love Clella

Karen said...

Ron, ha, yes that goes both ways!

Julie, I KNOW they would get along. Sophie is such a sweetie, too. You know after you said about God getting rope burns, you made me think. He DOES have scars on His hands from our "antics."

Melinda, aren't we all. :)

Libbie, I know what you mean. I hope one day to be able to have him visit, too. Thanks!

Clella, thanks. I can relate to things Major does. :P

alicia said...

Ummm... yup! Definitely try to run off and do it my own way without getting the full direction. I hope your dog settles down- reminds me of Marley and Me.... ;)