Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take a Load Off

This hippo lives at Busch Gardens. I've watched them on TV as they stomp and splash into the water. Then they float around with only the eyes and visible.

I know...of course they float, they have plenty of extra fat. Seriously, you wouldn't think that would help them float, would you? Hmmmm, seems like I float well, too.

But I don't often see them under the water. Check this picture out. His feet aren't even touching the bottom.

As big as he is, his swimming is graceful. Looks like he is pointing his toes!
I think God wanted some part of them to be graceful. The water "takes a load off" and refreshes, I'm sure.

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 (TNIV)

Lord, if somone heavy with burdens, may I help lighten his load.



Julie Gillies said...

Now that's an amusing analogy on taking the load off, Karen. The hippo looks like he's having a blast! And it does look like he's pointing his toes--sort of like a hippo ballet thing. LOL

Hope your upcoming week is buoyant! ;)

Hilary said...

They're magnificent creatures, aren't they?

Connie Arnold said...

Nice post, Karen! If God gives a hippo a lift, certainly He will lift us and lighten our load, which we in turn can do for others.

Jean Wise said...

THe hippo does look like he is dancing. very graceful. Hey I wonder if we would be 'grace-filled" if we took a load off too. great reflection, Karen!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I love contradictions in nature - like the gorgeous egret that has such a croaky harsh call ...

smiling at this post

Dave said...

Hippos are amazing the way that they can swim and stay under water for long periods of time, and they look so graceful under water huh Karen? - Dave

Kindred Heart Writers said...

Julie, love that! "a bouyant" week. I think we need to coin that phrase! (I hope so-I'll be at the FLCWC this week.)

Hilary, yes-amazing.

Connie, I agree. Give what we've been given.

Jeanie, I DO need to be "grace-filled" more. Another good phrase!

Kathryn, you are so right.

Dave, we have such a variety in nature-I love it!

Karen said...


I hadn't signed out from the above blog. I wrote that-so just put my name up there-so I don't have to write all that over. sigh.....


Stephanie Faris said...

Whoa! I never thought I'd see a hippo swim. SO cool!

Auntie Cake said...

Karen R Evans, I have missed you so! A couple of times I have stopped by and tried to leave comments, only to be stopped by my computer (somehow I now have to scroll down the entire post to click on publish an average of seven, yes seven times, in order to get my comments through.) Apparently I am learning that I am not the patient person that I thought I was! But I pray that you are well and had a wonderful time at your conference. I recall when you went last year. Is it really true that we have been typing away to each other for an entire year now? Yikes, now I know what my dad was talking about when he said time only goes faster the older I would get.

My oldest baby is graduating this year. I am not ready for that at all. She is, momma is not. Many of my friends from high school are having babies now. I don't know if I would rather be at this end, or at their end. It all went so fast. I tried to prepare for it, but you really can't. I have been sad since Christams of 2009, in anticipatation of her graduating. On the actual graduation night, I will just be one big puddle of tears. You should have seen me at her senior night for hockey. Oh my, what a big baby I am!

It's been fun to see some sunshine in your post. We just got another three inches of snow last night and more on the way. I am glad someone gets to enjoy beautiful weather. I am just waiting for some beautiful green grass and then I will have forgotten the winter that never ended!

Take care, so wonderful to hear from you again, and I promise, today, I will not give up when I have to scroll down for the seventh time! (Wish I were better at computers...)