Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dead Grass

Lots of rain and wind hit our beaches the other day. Pushed all this dead sea grass and trash on the beach. These birds didn't have the clean nice beach to gather their food.

But they found food amidst the trash and you know what, I didn't hear a single complaint. Oh, all right, those sea gulls squawk all the time, but it wasn't about the mess on the beach.

"The Lord is my portion." Psalms 119:57

When my life becomes a mess of dead grass, either by my doing or circumstances, I usually complain. May I remember the birds who continue doing what they know to do without complaint. For the Lord provides a way.



Julie Gillies said...

Hi Karen! Oh, I could sure learn a lesson from those seagulls! Sometimes I squawk entirely too much! Thanks for the encouragement to keep working...with my beak closed. :-)

Jeanette Levellie said...

I love this, Karen! It fits right in with the devotional I read this morning, about not complaining to others, but to the Lord, Who has all the answers.

Kathy C. said...

The weather hasn't been all that great this weekend!

Sorry, not trying to take away from the spiritual emphasis of your post. Just thinking out loud. The two weekends we've planned something fun with our away from home college student, we've had tropical depressions or storms moving through.

Diane said...

Usually it is my own mess and I need to turn back to the Lord and pray His grace will clean it up again. Learning and hopefully growing... :O)

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine that a storm would bring up more food than normal amongst all those weeds...

Lovely pics.

Dave said...

Birds are usually pretty good like that huh Karen? - Dave

Dave said...
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Karen said...

Julie, I love that-keep my beak closed. Hey, me too.

Jeanette, I love how the Lord coordinates His teachings. I just have to keep my squawking down the hear.

Kathy, hope your week is better than the weekend! :)

Diane, I'm right there with you!

Lady Fi, it does some, but the little birds feed on critters in the sand. But none of them looked skinny to me. :)

Dave, yes. God has given them that ability.