Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two More Lessons, To Use With Any Camera

Another lesson (see previous post) to use with a variety of subjects is the  "1/3 rule." My teacher, Dawn at Lake Shore Camera, asked me to take pictures thinking of thirds. Uh hem, hence the sky, water AND the beach.

This one is also in thirds. Can you see it? (Well, the computer program at the store had little dotted lines going across each picture to verify and make you feel either good or bad.) Now before you think I'm all smart, I cropped this photo. I had the bird in the middle of the picture. Now Mr. Seagull is near the right third and the post is a third.

The second Dawn rule is; "Space in front of the face." In other words, whichever way the "face" is looking add more space so the eye continues on. It works.

My next lesson includes using the meter function. Gulp. That's the light/brightness control. Boy this camera is smart. When I grow up I want to know how to use all the functions. :P

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you." Psalms 32:8

Lord, keep "space in front of my face" to see You in all things. Don't let things crowd my vision.



Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! I like the rule of thirds - but I also like breaking the rules!

Dave said...

Good photos Karen. I specially liked the gull. You sure are learning the photography tricks - Dave

Libbie said...

YOu are a fast learner! I should prob actually try to figure out how to sue my camera the right way ;)

Hope you have a great week Karen!

Kathy C. said...

good job

Diane said...

I knew the first rule but not the second. Good tips! :O)

consuetudinis magna vis est said...

Good photos Karen!

Karen said...

Lady Fi, yes, I'm sure I'll break a good many rules, depending on the photo. But, for class sake....:)

Dave, thanks, it's fun.

Libby, your photos are ALWAYS good.

Kathy, thanks.

Diane, your welcome. :)

CMVS, thanks and thanks for stopping in.

Parsley said...

WOW! You are showing some great photos with your new camera! Perhaps you can make calendars for family and friends at Christmas!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Wow, what fun! These are lovely, Karen.

Carol J. Garvin said...

These photos are gorgeous, Karen! New cameras are such a challenge. My DH got me a new one for my birthday last summer and I swear it's smarter than I am (and I even went to university!). It's not a big professional one, but still has features I don't think I'll ever use. I'm having a blast playing with it.

Johnnie said...

Hey! I stopped by to tell you that the book trailer brought tears to my eyes. Then I got on your blog and this post gave me a smile. Love the photos and love how you're sharing what you're learning. (Especially since I have that same camera and want us to go on a "photo shoot" together.)

Hilary said...

You're doing great, Karen. I'm with Lady Fi. I often do follow the rule of thirds.. not always by design.. but I'll often break the rule too.

Karen said...

Parsley, that's a grand idea.

Thank you Jeanette. It's fun.

Carol, thanks so much. Yes, there are plenty of "gadgets" on it I'll probably not use either.

Johnnie, come on down. I'll put the trailer on here, soon.

Hilary, thank you sooo much. You're my photographer idol! Yes, I know I'll be breaking some of those-but hey, at least now I know it's a suggested "rule."