Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There's a What in the Bushes?

Okay, let me set the scenario. I was walking my dog in my backyard. Major loves to sniff out and chase the rabbits. He was on leash this particular day, as I needed him to hurry to do his business.

But that was a mistake for me! We headed to my beautiful gardenia bushes which are about 6 feet tall. He smelled something under the bush and pulled me with him.

Gasp, scream, jerk and pull, stumble--all at the same time! I was staring into the face of that black snake. My life flashed before my eyes. (well not really, but almost) He had crawled up to my eye level and was sunning. Yuk! Scared me to death. I'm kind'a used to them on the ground, but eye level? No way, no how.

I grabbed a big stick and tried to hit him, but that was a stupid idea. He coiled and my dog and I ran inside. (Now I know he's just a black racer, non-poisonous, but give me a break, in was in my bush!!) The gardenia bush backs up to my lanai (patio) in the back. I knew my hubbie would not really believe me, so I ran inside and took this picture safely from inside my lanai.

"For Thou hast delivered my soul from death, indeed my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God in the light of the living." Psalms 56:13

How often do I forge ahead of God and find myself staring into black pitted eyes, or the darkness of my scared heart? I run not thinking of the consequences. Yet, I cannot count the times God has rescued me from myself or physical danger. I love the Lord as He continues to allow me to walk with Him in this life.

Do I look before getting close to the bushes, now? You betcha! That's one lesson learned.


Kathy C. said...

Gotta love it.

No pictures???

Libbie said...

Oh yuck!!!! That would have toatlly creeped me out too! On the other hand my other sister Kate would have picked it up & probably swung it around her head :) SHe got all the guts in our family :)

Anonymous said...


That's why the devil is likened to a snake.....

Johnnie Alexander Donley said...

Don't you wonder how many times God has kept us safe from the "snakes" we never saw?

Great photo, Karen*

Auntie Cake said...

What a story! I can picture you with the stick trying to get him out of your bush. Naughty snake. And wonderful tie-in, I think God has rescued all of us more times than we realize. Thank you, God!

Laura said...

Great story, and what an image, Karen!

I've been having thoughts about deliverance lately, and am planning to post on it later this week. I'll come back and let you know when it's up.

Thanks for putting my button on your blog, by the way, friend!!

Jean Wise said...

whoa! scary, yikes. I think I will stay snuggling in the snow rather than have snakes in my back yard. good lesson and reminder though. love your blog, Karen,

Hilary said...

Ahh I'm not a snake person. I would have backed away.. very, very quickly.

Dave said...

We don't have wild snakes in NZ. Take care if they are dangerous! - Dave

Karen said...

Kathy, snakes, yuk.

Libbie, I laughed out loud about your sister. How crazy! I hate snakes-sorry to all you reptile lovers.

Diane, I think that's why they're creepy.

Johnny, I honestly couldn't count the times God has saved me from danger and myself. I almost didn't take that pic because I had to get kinda close. :p

Kate, I'm just glad my hubbie wasn't home to laugh at me. My dog was no help either.

Laura, more than happy to put your book button up. It's a great mom parenting book!!

Jeanie, awww thanks for the kind words. Snow vs snakes...hummmm

Hilary, oh, I tried to back away, but stumbled and scared my dog, too.

Dave, I'm so jealous! How did that happen? Thanks for following, hope you enjoy.


Karen, You just keep posting these fun and yet so pertinent devotions. thanks. I hope you are thinking about a proposal for this type of devotion. Hidden snakes are the worst kind aren't they? Clella

Parsley said...

EEK! I'm just glad you and Major were okay.

Want to read my snake story go here:

Karen said...

Clella, you are so sweet and yes, I'm not a snake lover at all.

Parsley, just read your post. Wow, you AND your daughter are braver than I am. I think we have the snakes that eat the fruit rats from the citrus trees all around. But still, yuk. I'm so glad your story turned out well, too.

Kathryn Magendie said...

laughing! okay, I shouldn't laugh, but this is written humorously! I've stepped on a few snakes, and once I think I was bitten by a little snake - I had two punctures on my leg that looked like fang marks - luckily, whatever it was wasn't poisonous for I was miles and miles from any help.

Karen said...

Kathryn, it was funny and scary at the same time. :p Wow, I'm glad the one that bit you wasn't poisonous! Yes, this was supposed to be a bit funny. Glad to have you back home.

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